Very newbie. Second WER54GS v7.. Trying to play with DD-WRT. Second Router... Advice please.

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Mysticle31, Dec 22, 2007.

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    Hi guys,

    Fist time poster, couple day searcher on the forum.

    I just recently, as in a couple of weeks ago, migrated form Windows to Linux. Quite the trip making everything work for me. Everything is completely different.

    I went out and bought a new wireless router, a WRT54GS V7, and since I'm playing with things, I thought, why not play with this. I learned of DD-WRT. I'm not so sure what all useful I can do with it that will be practical for me, but I've read you can boost transmit power and set up an excellent firewall and not just a NAT. I do host a MythWeb and a couple of other little webservers.

    Anyhow, to the point.

    I took my router, and at first I just tried to flash to DD-WRT directly, as I would a Linksys firmware, though the web interface. I constantly got "Upgrade Failed" or something to that effect. The router was still working. So I read up on flashing it by searching google.

    Then I found this web page..

    and followed it exactly

    I go to the point where I do this for linux,..

    "tftp; mode octet;put dd-wrt.v24_micro_wrt54gv8.bin"

    I didn't realize that I had to enter the commands separately, so I entered the whole thing as one string. I just saw "tftp>" as a result and nothing was happening. I did not notice weather the power or DMZ light was on at this time. I only looked at my connection 1 light to see if anything was happening. Nothing was happening so I unplugged and plugged in the router. Then I ran the tftp command again, after noticing the semicolons separating separate commands.

    steve@Desktop:~/Desktop$ tftp
    tftp> mode octet
    tftp> put dd-wrt.v24_micro_wrt54gv8.bin
    Transfer timed out.

    tftp> ^X
    [3]+ Stopped tftp

    As you can see nothing. Then I looked at the router and found that the power light was not on. I tried to ping my router and received no responce. At this time I did not know or even thinking about trying to send it pings during it's boot up process to see if it responds during bootstrap transition to the OS.

    I just went and bought another router. Does this router have problems with flashing to DD-WRT? Is there a better firmware to use? Is there better instructions to use? I've read something about not being able to flash intel chips. I hope I don't have that problem... I hope that the problem I had on my previous router was biased solely on my tftp problem, or some other stupid thing I did.

    What do you guys think?

    Sorry about the book.
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