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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by madchad, Nov 18, 2004.

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    I bought a WAP54G tonight in hopes of using it in bridge mode. I'm VERY new to networking and whatnot. I can't even get to the web setup screen with it though. How do I have to plug the device in to get to this. Linksys says the default IP address is . Do I plug it right into the network port on my computer and type that in ?? Cause nothing is happening. It just times out. I can access my router that I have now at just fine. When I plug in the WAP54G to my router, the 4th port lights up like there is something connected. Then I check the connected devices on the router, and it says nothing is there.

    I just need to get to the web interface on this thing. But I fear that I'm not even plugging it in right.

    Can anyone please help. Should I just go back and get the WRT54G instead ??

    Oh, and I'm running Mac OS 10.3. So I can't use that disk they give you, which I know is kind of useless anyways. I just want to update the firmware and get the bridge mode going.
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    Hi there,

    I'm also new at this but I think I can help you.

    The problem you are now having is that the default IP setting for the WAP lies outside of your IP range for your network (assuming your subnet mask is dont worry if you do not understand this is not important ... yet, anyway)

    Anyway, to solve this either:

    A) Use the Setup program (delivered on the CD) to find the WAP on your network (just plug it into the router like you did), then you can change the Wap's IP address to something in your range (e.g.

    B) Change your network IP addresses to match the default for the WAP, that way you should be able to browse to

    C) Connect a PC directly to the WAP, and enter a fixed IP address on the PC's IP configuration of, subnet mask, gateway Then you can either browse to OR use the setup program (as defined in A) remember to put the settings for the PC back when you are finished

    For bridging you should not need the WRT54G (this has routing capabilities, which you already have. 2 routers on one network is no fun)

    Good luck,


    Try this
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