VERY strange RV042 Accessing Issue

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by ChristianF, Mar 9, 2010.

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    Hello World :)

    I' focussing a VERY strange issue with a RV042 running the latest FW.

    RV042's LAN IP is
    SV1 in LAN has (SN, GW .254.254, DNS .254.254)
    SV2 in LAN has (SN, GW .254.254, DNS .254.254)

    PPTP Server is enabled

    WAN1 is connected to a 16MBit DSL Line (static IP)
    WAN2 is connected to a 6MBit DSL Line (dyn IP)

    SV1 and SV2 both offer Web Services at Port 80, SV1 also offers SSL-HTTP and RDP Services. SV1's HTTP, SSL and RDP is published to WAN (Portforwarding WAN -> LAN).

    The issue is:
    - RV042's Webif is NOT reachable when trying to access it from SV1 (Timeout)
    - RV042's Webif is NOT reachable when trying to access it from a PPTP VPN Client (Timeout)
    - RV042's Webif IS reachable when trying to access it from SV2

    - SV1's published Website and RDP is available from WAN
    - SV1's published Website is NOT available from PPTP Client (Timeout)

    Firewall Rules are reduced to the three basic rules.

    When I assign a second IP to the net (RV042, SV1 .50.101, SV2 .50.102), Router's Webif is available from SV1 and SV2.

    Anybody any ideas?

    Thank you for your help :)
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