Victek + VPN on Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 ?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by rs232, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. rs232

    rs232 Network Guru Member

    I'm a bit confused by all the Victec tomato versions available.

    All I need is VPN really.

    Can I install any of the Victec mod that supports VPN on my Buffalo WHR-HP-G54?

    e.g. Tomato RAF 1.28.8627+VPN?

  2. TT76

    TT76 Networkin' Nut Member

  3. rs232

    rs232 Network Guru Member

    I'm not sure that image would work as it's "ND". Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 uses standard images. I've always flashed this router with the standard version of tomato before never the ND.

    The one I've found instead is:
    Enlaces/Links. Ult.versión/Last Rel. Dec 6.2010.K-2.6.22. MIPSR1.
    Tomato RAF 1.28.8627+VPN (4MB Flash). VPN version for WRT54GL and non USB routers. (NO CIFS) Christmas Edition

    The Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 is 4Mb and this version just above has VPN too.

    I'm not quite sure why cifs is not there though. I thought that was a core functionality of tomato 1.28

    Can I just say:
    1) Thanks to Victek for all his great work
    2) Can you (Victek) consider re-organise you internet site. I personally find it confusing.

  4. TT76

    TT76 Networkin' Nut Member

    I think you can try that version because someone here has installed it on the same router as yours
  5. Badders44

    Badders44 LI Guru Member

    Not true - I use the ND versions for both my WHR-HP-G54 and WHR-G54S and both work better than with the non-ND versions.
  6. david3

    david3 LI Guru Member

    I use the ND + VPN version (Tomato-RAF-1.28.8525_VPN.7z) on my Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 and it has been working fine.

    (this one)
    Tomato RAF 1.28.8525 ND + VPN. Standard version for WRT54GL and non USB routers WITH VPN.
  7. rs232

    rs232 Network Guru Member

    Great news, I'll definitely give it a go!
    BTW does this ND + VPN version (Tomato-RAF-1.28.8525_VPN.7z) support include CIFS?

  8. david3

    david3 LI Guru Member

    I don't use CIFS myself, so I can't say for sure, but I notice it as an option here, for what it's worth.

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