View WVC54G or WVC54GC on pocket PC

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by moses_mwc00, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. moses_mwc00

    moses_mwc00 Network Guru Member

    I would like to be able to view the video stream from my WVC54G or WVC54GC in my pocket pc running Windows Mobile 5 .
    When I launch media player, I can type the url of my webcams but apparently I can't enter user id and password and I get the message : not authorized .
    has anyone been successful in viewing the video in their pocket pc or maybe if someone could tell me how to enter my userid and password in the url ?
    I'm currently using the following url : http://webcamip:port/img/video.asf.
    i'm sure this must be possible as the new wireless ip phone from linksys wip330 can access the video directly from internet explorer and it runs windows mobile 5 too.

  2. jcabrer

    jcabrer LI Guru Member

    Chances are that the wip330 includes propietary software for viewing the WVC54 feed. Last week I posted that I had sucessfully installed the WVC54 development environment, and my goal was to fix some of the limitations of this camera. What I have found is that the source code for the video parts is not included in the download (not too surprising, since it's not GPL, like the rest), so the entire streaming portion of the code needs to be replaced with an Open Source solution.

    Implementing MPEG4 is probably beyond my capabilities, so I'm looking at MJPEG solutions right now. I don't know if MediaPLayer supports MJPEG though...
  3. moses_mwc00

    moses_mwc00 Network Guru Member

    WVC54GC on pocket PC

    Thanks for your quick reply .
    Actually I thought that as there are many ways to view the camera with a PC and Win XP, there would be similar ways to access it through a pocket pc device with windows media player .
    Guess it's a codec problem that can't be installed/downloaded .

    Too bad !

  4. YLA G

    YLA G LI Guru Member

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