Virtual LAN? Separate from Home LAN?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Devileyezz, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. Devileyezz

    Devileyezz LI Guru Member

    I have an idea.
    I want to share my Internet via wireless in my neighborhood.

    I have a WRT54GL, with Tomato on it.
    I'd like to use Google Ads for people who logon to my WiFi.

    The other thing is, I want those people on WiFi to be on their own network, and a few Wireless MAC addrs, and my wired LAN people be on a separate LAN.

    So, two totally different LANs handled by Tomato WRT54GL with ads on the WiFi users. Maybe some allocated bandwidth for the public WiFi LAN.

    Is this possible?
    If yes, how?

    I don't wanna charge them to log on, but just show ads.
    I'd like to use something like OpenDNS's landing page filled with search results for a website URL they typed incorrectly.
  2. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Anything is possible but i dont believe that is possible under tomatos currently implementation. There are however several routers that will segregate 2 separate wireless lans and keep them private from your lan, linksys wrv200, cisco and checkpoint to name a few.
  3. Devileyezz

    Devileyezz LI Guru Member

    Any consumer router that can do this?
  4. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Well your going to have to do several things at once, yes there are routers as mentioned that will give you out of the box 2 or more wireless vlans. However to now dictate what the user experience is its going to take a server, probably proxy server but there are many ways that you could implement it. But again there is no "router" that i am aware of that you can but that will do everything you want.
  5. Devileyezz

    Devileyezz LI Guru Member

    Hmm, that's sad. :S
  6. jencas

    jencas LI Guru Member

    Have a look at the v24 beta of DD-WRT ( This version has multi SSID support.
  7. eric_stewart

    eric_stewart Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    The Linksys WRV200 supports up to 4 SSIDs and 4 VLANs. The VLANs can be configured in any combination of wireless and wired ports. The price point for this box is less than $90. There is a fair amount of discussion on this box in the VPN device forums here at LinksysInfo.

  8. Devileyezz

    Devileyezz LI Guru Member

    I have a Linksys WAP4400N, with stock firmware. I don't see it says anything about VLANs.

    But, if I really can't do it with the current equipment, then I might buy the WRV200.

    Other than that, what about this:

    My DSL router/modem (Speedstream 6520) has 4 LAN ports. One port goes to my WRT54GL. Can I connect the WAP4400N to another LAN port, and then let people connect to it?

    I think so?
    The only thing is how would I be able to incorporate an ad thing on it.
  9. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    That depends if your dsl modem is doing nat or not. If it is then yes if it is not then i would plug the 4400 into the dsl modem and then the wrt into the 4400. That way you lan will be protected by the firewall of the wrt and you can let user connect to the 4400 however they please.
  10. Devileyezz

    Devileyezz LI Guru Member

    I don't think it does NAT. It is capable to do so. But I've deactivated it, because I have the WRT to do it for me.

    But my DSL modem has 4 eth ports. And each one can be connected, and use individual pppoe connections to get a new IP for each one of them.

    Hmm, I think I won't be able to find out till I try it out, lol
    Just wondering how I can serve ads to those guys now.
  11. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Well you neglected to mention that before, most of use dont have the luxury of multiple ip's. If that is infact the case then yes you can plug it in, run its own pppoe session and have a seperate wireless connection.
  12. frenchy2k1

    frenchy2k1 LI Guru Member

    To incorporate the ads, you would need an automatic proxy that would split the page in 2 with a frame, put relevant ads on top and the page at the bottom.

    Not sure if this can be implemented on the router or not...
  13. Devileyezz

    Devileyezz LI Guru Member

    Hmm, what if I connect a laptop with the proxy on that router somehow?
  14. Devileyezz

    Devileyezz LI Guru Member

    I think I have it slightly figured out.

    I connect the squid proxy to the router. And set the router to use a http proxy set to the proxy's IP. Then, I block all websites. When a user enters a website, he is redirected to a page which will have a small frame on the left side of the browser that'll serve the ads. And the main frame will serve the website that the user wants to browse.

    What do you say frenchy? It's based on your idea pretty much.
    The router can't do it, but another server can. A squid server. All I tell the router is that it needs to use an http proxy. And then, the proxy handles the rest. The proxy server will also have a web server to serve that page.
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