Virtual Wireless Interface with Wireless Ethernet Bridge Mode?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Image This, Sep 3, 2014.

  1. Image This

    Image This Reformed Router Member

    I want to expand my 5.8GHZ band from one router (Asus AC66U as repeater) to another (Asus N66U as Main-Router) the thing is the Main-Router is running on N900 only so it 's troughput is basically limited while the Repeater is AC1750 capable. I don't want to waste that bandwidth since I have an AC1200 Client which whom I want to connect to the Repeater.

    All Virtual Interfaces only allow for "Access Point" Mode, which means I have to set the 5G Interface to "Wireless Bridge Mode" and in return all Virtual Interfaces get their Parents Channel and Mode inherited- meaning I cut off all A/C possibilities (meaning all Virtual Wireless Interface will be limited to N900 with 20/40 mHz Channel-Width since it get 's automatically inherited).

    Is there a workaround for it (via Telnet) or is this a Driver / Hardware limitation?
  2. Siff

    Siff Serious Server Member

    In repeater mode your maximum speed will be limited to the speed of the slowest link in the chain, i.e. N900 in your case.

    Also, AFAIK, the repeater has to communicate in turns to the wireless clients and to the main router, i.e. the wireless clients will use maximum half of the available bandwidth.

    I think that the only workaround is to use the Asus RT-AC66U as your main router and then connect the "AC1200 Client" to it, but I guess that this is not what you want...
  3. Monk E. Boy

    Monk E. Boy Network Guru Member

    Another option is to link the two routers together using Ethernet (powerline networking bridged to ethernet would do).

    Performance to wireless clients, assuming you get some form of 1Gb-ish link between routers, would be substantially better too since clients won't be wirelessly colliding with all the packets being sent between routers.
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