Vista, Sony Ericsson GC89, + WRT54G v8

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by billflys, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. billflys

    billflys Guest

    I live far enough out in the country that my only access to high Speed (such as it is) internet is by using my cell phone providors wifi internet access. My only other choice is dial-up @ 26.4 kbps.
    I got a new Vista computer (HP a6242n) and am trying to get the Linksys to allow the other computers in the house access to the internet through the HP.
    The internet connection is provided by a PCMCIA card from Sony Ericcson (GC89).
    Every time I plug the WRT54G in (wireless) or connect the ethernet cable to it, it shuts down my internet connection through the GC89. It still seems to send but not receive.
    I notice that all of the instructions from Linksys are for running the internet connection through the WRT54G first- then to the computers. Can I send it to my computer first, then to the Linksys?
    I am brand new to networking/ Linksys so would appreciate any input ( but probably need more explanation than advanced users).
    Anyone care to help?
    Thanks in advance! You're the greatest!:smile:
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