VLAN setup with Linksys SRW2016

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by boazrf, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. boazrf

    boazrf LI Guru Member

    I’m having many difficulties setting up VLANs with Linksys SRW2016. Specifically trunk a port doesn’t operate as expected – no transferring data from other VLANs.
    Unfortunately the documentation does not include tutorials / concepts / examples that I can use to confirm that I’m doing it right.
    Such documentation or an expert advice would be most helpful.

    My network requires setting up one SWR2016 that accept 2 VLANs, and send them out (via trunk port) to a second SWR2016 that continue to maintain that VLAN separation and send everything to the router.

    -VLAN1->|SRW2016| VLAN1->|SRW2016|--> [ROUTER]
    -VLAN2->|== 1 ===| VLAN1->|== 2 ===|


  2. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    First off i dont know much about that device but i do know a thing or two about routing and switching. Now a couple questions, Which device is doing the routing for your network (the router)? Do you have different subnets set up for the vlans?
  3. boazrf

    boazrf LI Guru Member

    The router now is Cisco 2500 which is being replaced with Cisco 2801. I'm unable to change much in the current router (business reasons - it belongs to our ISP) so until I make the replacement I can only manipulate the switches.
    The different VLANS will have different subnets.
  4. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    I love the 2800 series, ok then what will currently need to be done is to create the vlans on the swiches and trunk the vlans between them. Also keep in mind that until you can manipulate the router you will have to do the routing for the vlans on switch number one and then use a seperate subnet to connect switch one to the router and unless you use dhcp from the router you are going to have a hard time making this work, but once you have control it will be no problem. Will look something like this:

    switch2 --------> Trunk -------->switch1----->trunk------> router
    (vlans added to switches and default gateway for the vlans handled by the router)

    I am not sure if those devices do VTP if they do you only need to set it up, if not then you will set up the vlans mapped to the ports manually. If you have any other question dont hesistate to ask.
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