Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by bazzly, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. bazzly

    bazzly Addicted to LI Member

    Is there ever gonna be a GUI to set up VLAN's in tomato?
    I Like tomato better than DDWRT, but I have to have VLAN.To be honest I dont want to deal with scripts, and command line. So I'm keeping my finger cross for a GUI.
  2. bazzly

    bazzly Addicted to LI Member

    Anyone know if this might be on the table for the somewhat future?
  3. humba

    humba Network Guru Member

    Unfortunately this feature doesn't seem to jive with the author's KISS principle. So your best chance is write a mod on your own :(
  4. bazzly

    bazzly Addicted to LI Member

    KISS principle? You lost me there...
    I would write one if I knew how. Are there any folks in here that want to help me give it a go? I have no idea how or where to start, but willing to learn!

    Where could I find info on how to do something like this with Tomato?
    How would one build a test machine/environment?

    I wonder if the VLAN stuff from DDWRT could be ported...?
  5. humba

    humba Network Guru Member

    KISS = Keep It Simple and Stupid.

    There are a great many things that could be done with the software already in Tomato.. without adding a single additional package but just providing a gui to set nvram variables and run various built-in tools.

    DD-wrt, and other open source distros for routers generally do things pretty much the same way.. the main difference between Tomato and DD-WRT is that the former uses a much older kernel, oder wireless drivers and offers a lot less in terms of additional software and configurability - but generally things could be ported.

    If you're serious in learning, I suggest you download the source code and have a peek.. you need to be able to write additional pages for configuration and then figure out how things work in terms of setting nvram variables (used to create vlans) and commandline stuff (brctl is the command that creates bridges).. and of course iptables if you want inter vlan routing.. oh and configuration for dnsmasq which you need to have dhcp for multiple subnets.
  6. bazzly

    bazzly Addicted to LI Member

    If my memory is correct Tomato supports Vlan, there is just no gui. So if it is supported wouldn't that fall under KISS? Just wondering.
    BTW your last post turned my mind to mush....thats a lot to take in...lol
  7. GreenThumb

    GreenThumb Addicted to LI Member

    KISS = Knights In Satan's Service

  8. humba

    humba Network Guru Member

    Sure, any wrt based router supports vlan.. in fact even the stock linksys firmware supports it.. both wan and lan are on the same network interface but separated by vlan.

    Personally, I think vlan and other things you can do on the router without adding software may not be beginner friendly, then again, tomato already requires a certain amount of knowhow.. but then so does the stock firmware (especially qos isn't something a beginner will grasp). However, it's not our baby but Jon's so it's up to him to decide what he wants to do with it.

    I'd love to see a lot of additional functionality exposed in the GUI but come to the realization that it's probably never going to happen.. such is life. If vyatta gets its gui back I will try to install it on a 3 port alix.. it will expose all those complex networking things in a way that you can use it without scripts - but it may not have the nice ajax gui and bandwidth stats I love about Tomato.
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