VLANs and Trunking

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by cajuntank, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. cajuntank

    cajuntank Network Guru Member

    I have a Cisco 3560 L3 switch that I have defined three additional Vlans on beyond the default VLAN1. I have defined one of my GBIC ports as a trunking port and encapsulation using 802.1q... I am wanting to use a SRW2024 Switch in conjunction with the 3560 switch. I have gotten as far as getting the vlans defined on the SRW2024 and being able to ping across the trunked port; however, that about where it stops. I really do not have any other connectivty other than that. Has anyone attempted this? I do this all day long with Cisco Catalyst switches, but there seems to be such a weird setup when it comes to the Linksys.

  2. ScotsDave

    ScotsDave Network Guru Member

    Firewall GUI

    I am looking to find a firewall GUI for the DD-WRT firmware to save having to setup boring and complex rules for IPTABLES. Anyone have any - physically possible - suggestions?
  3. ScotsDave

    ScotsDave Network Guru Member


    Thanks, that worked. Too used to working with commercial networking equipment and have lost my patience :clap:
  4. ScotsDave

    ScotsDave Network Guru Member


    Sorry too many forum windows open. Posting the wrong reply. :(
  5. Monoman

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    re: vlans

    VLANs split up the network at layer 2. You will need to assign a different IP subnet to each VLAN. I'm haven't worked on a 3560 but it may be something like some other routers I have worked on.

    1. Define your VLANs in the 3560 - these are virtual interfaces and each will be assigned to a diffent IP subnet.
    2. Assign these VLANs to physical interfaces.
    3. Configure trunking. It sounds like you have this part going.

    If your nework is going to grow consider using handle VLAN management. VTP will communicate VLAN information across trunks freeing you from having to create the VLANs on each switch. You setup basic VTP stuff (domain and mode) and the trunking. Once that is done the switch will learn about the VLANs on the VTP domain.

    Cisco has some decent docks on Intervlan routing that got me started when I need some help.
  6. cajuntank

    cajuntank Network Guru Member

    Appreciate the reply; however, since Cisco's VTP is proprietary, that info about the VLANs that it's carrying isn't propogated down the trunk. I had to define the vlans on the Linksys switch as well. Linksys' "trunking" is not the same as Cisco's "trunking" come to find out. It's a mute point now, I have two 3750G switches coming in the next day and I'll just treat the Linksys as any other cascaded switch off a access port. Would have been interesting to figure out though.
  7. Monoman

    Monoman Network Guru Member


    Gotcha. Glad to you hear you got it going.

    ISL is Cisco's proprietary trunking encapsulation method.

    I don't know what the Linksys uses for encapsualtion but I would choose 802.1q trunking for your encapsualtion if the situation arises.
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