VoIP and VPN (Or SPA9000 in LA with ext in DC & ATL?)

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by phrider, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. phrider

    phrider Guest

    I may be jumping the gun on this. I'm not even sure if the SPA9000 is shipping yet.

    I operate a consulting business with single person virtual offices in the DC and ATL areas. Would it be possible to have a SPA9000 PBX in LA with extension lines in DC and ATL?

    Possible configuration: LA has an existing Nexland dual WAN router connected to Covad static IP DSL and a dynamic DHCP cable. Could I switch the Nexland to a RV016 or the like, put the SPA9000 behind it, then add some VPN end points and SP942 phones in DC and ATL. The DC and ATL sites have single WAN connections.

    Potential issues:
    1. the WANs in DC and ATL should only have the SP942 voice traffic go to LA, not all the internet traffic
    2. the VoIP latency from the provider (VoicePulse?) to LA and then to DC and ATL may just be too long
    3. this may be too near the bleeding edge for small office VoIP and VPNs....

    I realize this VPN group is not the VoIP group, but I figured the solution required VPNs, so I hoped my chances would be better here......
  2. DocLarge

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    Did you ever go with that solution? I'm seriously considering getting a SPA942 and I'm trying to find out if it will work with my vonage because they don't list it as being a compatible piece of hardware.

  3. markn455

    markn455 LI Guru Member

    I would like to know too. This sounds like a great idea.

  4. moriars

    moriars Guest

    SPA9000 and Latency

    Hi there,

    Just wondering if you got any further advice on this one. I am based in Dublin, Ireland and we have just set up a "one-man" Office in Tokyo. The User in Tokyo operates on our Network via a Netscreen VPN box - works perfectly with no issues for all Office apps. We installed an SPA9000 in Dublin and an SPA-941 handset in Tokyo - phone registered with an Extension no problem. However, we have a very random problem, when I call the Tokyo extension (or vice versa), the call shows as connected but neither of us can hear each other!!! The latency is quite high due to sheer distance and number of hops (ping times are a very static 300ms with no bursts - excellent bandwidth on both sides). However, I don't believe latency is causing the problem because when it works, the quality is excellent - way superior to PSTN. It does not suffer from any degradation or drop - it either works or it doesn't - no lost packets are showing up!!

    So - FYI - quality at this distance is not a problem so I would imagine anywhere in the US with adequate bandwidth would be OK - however, there may be other problems!

    Let me know if you are aware of anything might help my issues - it is a great solution - but it needs to be consistent! Cheers
  5. WarwickL

    WarwickL Guest

    SPA9000 Help needed - Im flying blind.

    I have recently moved office in Johannesburg, South Africa. We have one state owned Telcom provider down here. SA Telkom rates are the most expensive in the world (USD0.1/minute for local calls, 50c national calls and USD1 to USD3/minute for international calls. VIOP was illegal in SA until just over a year ago, and SA Telkom does everything to frustrate SIP providers (pulls their DSL connections, wont hand out local SA numbers to SIP providers etc). We need some good anti-trust lawyers in SA. Needless to say, my US Linksys Vonage service has paid for itself hundreds of times over, and so I didn’t hesitate to buy the first SPA9000 to land in SA, several SPA942's, and a SPA3000 from the local Linksys wholesaler. We have ZERO support from the local Linksys wholesaler down here, and I am not able to get support from the US or UK SIPURA helpdesks without an authorised Linksys Support Provider code. Through trial and error, we have been able to get the system working to a degree. SA telkom setup is very similar to that in the UK. The SPA3000 will accept incoming analog Telco calls, and the SPA942's talk to one another. MY local SIP provider works with asterisk and has limited time / interest in SPA9000 system. My problems are:

    1. SPA3000 doesn’t recognise the incoming caller hung up (SPA3000 remains engaged for about 30s after incoming caller has hung up).

    2. I cant get conference calls or auto attendant to work. I have tried the wizard for the SPA9000 and for the SPA942's, and have upgraded SPA9000 to v 1.1.12 and upgraded the SPA942's to the latest version - but no joy.

    I have taken screen-shots of all SPA9000, SPA3000, SPA942 web pages. Can anyone help with UK web settings that will get this to work? The screenshots are available on:


    (view in date-modified order with latest AUg 17 screenshots first)

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    PS I will install SPA4000 as soon as it lands.

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