VOIP over rv042 w/dual WAN load sharing

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by ckoverman, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. ckoverman

    ckoverman Network Guru Member

    Anybody have any experience doing voip through the rv042 with dual wans in the load sharing mode? I would think that for voip to work properly over dual wans in load share mode, the router must be smart enough to send all packets from a given rtp stream through the same wan interface. Otherwise I'd think this might pose a problem with STUN servers and relays. Similarly for the SIP keep alive messages. I think this would be a problem if they keep jumping between the 2 IP addresses.
  2. DigiGuru

    DigiGuru Network Guru Member

    I don't know yet, ask me in 2 weeks, though I'll be using an Asterisk box and IAX as it solves soooooo many issues with NAT and SIP :)

    Hopefully, will make outgoing connections on whichever is the least loaded WAN :S

    Incoming, though, I think will all have to come via one WAN port which could be a pain
  3. ckoverman

    ckoverman Network Guru Member

    Thanks. Can you let me know what you find out? That would be great.
  4. Jahntassa

    Jahntassa Network Guru Member

    Haven't tried with the load sharing, but unless you're planning on shutting off the firewall completely, can't you just setup the firewall/port forwarding to only allow the IP of the VOIP to talk via one WAN?

    I don't think VOIP will like splitting between two IPs.. I'd try it myself, but I only have a single line in.
  5. DigiGuru

    DigiGuru Network Guru Member

    Right, as far as I'm aware at the moment the setup I have works as follows:

    All Phone -> Asterisk box goes over the LAN
    Incoming phone calls come via IAX incoming termination (UDP 4569) to WAN2

    Outgoing goes via smart balancing over the least congested WAN port

    I have port 4569 UDP open on both WANs though, just in case I want to set up a second incoming separate number :)

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