VoIP with Firmware Version: v2.09.1 - HyperWRT v1.4 ! Hints?

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by csasse, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. csasse

    csasse Guest


    I´m currently running
    "Firmware Version: v2.09.1 - HyperWRT v1.4"
    on my Linksys WRT 54GS.

    I use VoIP for my Phone Calls. But i have some Problems:

    "Unpurified first second" after connection established.

    Meanwhile we received some inquiries which report of a bad connection establishment or a missed first second when lifting the hand set.

    As reported by different service providers this has been a "known issue" for a while and they are working on it! The reason for "fragmented" or "nonexisting" first second after establishment of connection is that network components which are responsible for call termitation at the provider's are skipping or discarding some data packets within the recognition time. Particularly routers from CISCO are stucked. CISCO has been familiar with this information for some weeks now.

    Thats also MY Problem! I saw that there is a ´Current Version : 2.0b4´
    of HyperWRT! But i read also that there are big Problems with this version ... MY VERSION WORKS STABLE ! BUT ONLY THAT VoIP BUG!

    Any Hints ??? Would be great to get support ...

    I have two VoIP Hardware. ZyXEL ePhone 2000w and GiPTEL G200. Same the 1 sec Problem.
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