Vonage over 802.11g via WRT54G?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by drusoicy, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. drusoicy

    drusoicy Network Guru Member

    Okay, I am a novice at this, so please bear with me ;)

    I have a wireless G network, currently using the WRT54GX router. I have a spare WRT54G router as well, currently not in use.

    Is there a way that I can connect the phone to the Broadband phone router (Linksys), and then the phone router to the WRT54G - and have that access the main router (WRT54GX) and work for the VOIP?

    The reason I ask is that our phone is in the kitchen, and the main router is in the bedroom. It will be a pain to have to go to the bedroom to get the phone, which is what it seems I will have to do if I cant get this working wirelessly.

    I heard I can install some sort of firmware on the WRT54G to get it to talk to the WRT54GX via 802.11g, thus allowing me to use Vonage wirelessly.

    Any thoughts?
  2. layerthree

    layerthree Network Guru Member

    Why don't you just wire the POTS port out of your Sipura/Vonages IAD/Linksys Broadband Phone router into your 2nd phone line in your house. Then you can use your VOIP connection anywhere in the house.

    To do what you said, yes you can.

    Basic theory is this:

    Internet <----> WRT54GX   ---- Wireless ----- Bridge <---> IAD
    So you configure your second WRT to be in WDS mode to connect to the WRT54GX, just plug your IAD/ATA into the 2nd WRT.
  3. drusoicy

    drusoicy Network Guru Member

    I dont think I can rewire the POTS port, because I live in an apartment complex (unless I totally misunderstood what you said).

    I installed teh customer firmware on the WRT54G, and I can now connect to it wirelessly. What is still giving me trouble is connecting to the phone router through it.

    When I look at the lights on the WRT54G that is now in client mode, there are no internet lights. It isnt connected directly to the net, but should those lights be on? Or does that mean that I CAN'T access the net, and therefore cant use Vonage until I figure out what I messed up in configuration?

    The other thing, it looks like the phone router changed its IP address, because no longer works - and I have no clue how to figure out what it has been changed to (since it isnt in the DHCP table).

  4. layerthree

    layerthree Network Guru Member

    1) You could if you have access to your DMARC. Most places typically have 4 conductor wiring, so at the DMARC just take the POTS out from your IAD into the outer pair.

    2) You didn't state which IAD you're using. The IAD needs internet connectivity, just like your pc surfing the internet. The Vonage setups I'm familiar with is that they are not configured other than the IP address of one of their TFTP servers. Once the IAD gets connected to the internet, the config file is pushed down to the IAD with all the relevant configs.

    From what I can get out of your message, you wanted to be able to use the IAD at a location where you didn't have an ethernet port for it to plug into.

    So I suggested that you take your WRT54G and put it in WDS mode, to associate with your WRT54GX that is your internet router. You just plug your IAD into the LAN port of the WRT54G.

    All you're doing is wireless bridging, layer 2. There is no routing involved. The IAD will get DHCP from your WRT54GX, then know it's default route out to the internet. It will find the TFTP server and get it's config and your IP phone will work.

    You don't even need a custom firmware. The stock firmware supports the WDS mode.
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