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    I am stationed on a base in Japan where we use to have 2 ISPs. One of the ISPs provided global IP addresses to its customers (Americable Japan) while the other puts everyone behind 1 of 4 NAT devices (Softbank Telecom). When a reverse DNS is performed on the SBT ISP, everyone on the same NAT device has the same IP address displayed. With Americable, you actually saw the IP address that was assigned to your router.

    The last time I went to my mom's home, I bought a WRV54G router for her. I had it connect to my DLink DI-808HV router here in Japan. I did this for two reasons:

    1. I can RDP in to her computer using the more secure IPSEC VPN tunnel. This allowed me to do things for her such as install printer drivers, make changes to WinXP and so on.
    2. I could create a PPTP connect between her computer and my computer through the tunnel. I did this so that I could access web sites that are restricted outside the US. The PPTP connect allowed me to surf the internet using her IP address in the states instead of her in Japan.

    This was when I was an Americable customer. However, through some starange sort of events, Americable is no longer on base, and the entire base poplulation had to switch to SBT. The problem is that since SBT doesn't assing global IP addresses, I can no longer establish a VPN connection between our routers.

    While I can log in to my mom's computer using RDP through the internet, I can't establish a PPTP connection. The PPTP connection gets stuck on the "Verifying username and password.." phase. It simply times out.

    After doing a lot of research, I found that the problem may be caused by the WRV54G not being able to pass GRE 47. If that is true, then why is there a PPTP Passthrough option?

    Can anyone help me establish a PPTP connection using the WRV54G modem? If it is not possible, what other solutions, software or hardware, are there that I can use?

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    You might try the WRV200 with firmware 1.0.21 loaded. I'm sure you should be able to find this either at Yokota BX if you're on the mainland (and not stuck at Misawa). The WRV54G fell short of everyone's expectations and the WRV200 was put in place "minus" the "whoop azz" processor and 50 vpn tunnels the WRV54G had.

    In short, put the WRV54G in mothballs :( and get yourself a router that's GRE compliant from stock. Your choices are:

    1) WRV200
    2) RV042/82

    On the client side of things, you could try configuring the greenbow vpn client or the ssh sentinel vpn client:

    http://www.linksysinfo.org/portal/forums/showthread.php?t=48394 (Greenbow)

    http://ftp.up.ac.za/pub/linux/ssh/pub/sentinel/ (SSH Sentinel)

    You can download a setup guide from flogator at his website:


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