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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by Toxic, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. Toxic

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  2. michael_k007

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    I've got a RV042 latest release, I'm usine the QuickVPN, I've got traces running at both ends to watch the traffic (I actually still have hubs to do this). Everything is almost there, but the isakmp message from the QuickVPN is not being answered by the RV042 so the connection is not completed. The RV042 reports that the user is online but on the pptp screen the connection does not show up with an IP Address.

    Where is the problem?
  3. i0's

    i0's LI Guru Member

    The links do not seem to be working
  4. Nd4Spd

    Nd4Spd LI Guru Member

    Yea. Links aren't working. Any chance they can be updated?

  5. DDogg

    DDogg LI Guru Member

    Sorry to be redundant, but is there an ETA on getting the links back up?
  6. swiego

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    Bump - wished these worked :(
  7. oculus

    oculus Guest

    Remove the portal/ from the links and they work.
  8. Toxic

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  9. dinol

    dinol Guest

    Has anyone written LINUX client for linksys routers yet?. It would be great !!!!!!!!
  10. anhchangvuive

    anhchangvuive LI Guru Member

    I using QVPN 1.2.5 on WinXP, when the connect to RV042 is not working.
    Can you show me about to config VPN on RV042????

    Please help me???
  11. EugeneD

    EugeneD LI Guru Member

    Is there aQuick VPN for an RV042 that works? I am using RV042 firmware version and QuickVPN client 1.2.5 on and XP SP2 PC.
    I have played with this back in July to no avail. Is this problem still an ongoing saga? Or is there a fix? I don't see any movement on this on the Linksys website. It's a pitty I had to purchase an RV082 because the QuickVPN with product works reliably but the capacity(8 Port) is overkill for my application.

  12. JohnRF

    JohnRF LI Guru Member

    I've been using QuickVPN with RV042 (XP SP2) without any problems for months.

    I followed the setup guide from this forum. As I recall I had to adjust ZoneAlarm firewall a little. It's easier if you test with your pc firewall off. Also, as noted in the setup guide, make sure you are using a different subnet on your QuickVPN client PC from the ip address on the RV042.

  13. hackman777

    hackman777 LI Guru Member

    Pity for QuickVPN

    As someone who just got through this, here's a bit of confusion resolved. I'm using an RV016 router and Quick VPN.

    First, remove all your tunnels, VPN users and PPTP Server info and start fresh. Ignore everything in the RouterWorld site tips unless you're a bit more technical than most.

    Make sure your remote PC's IP address is not on the same subnet as your office network's private network. For example, if your server IP is and it connects to a router at then translates out to a static IP of say, oh, before it gets to your dynamic address at home of and then goes through a router to your machine at, then your remote PC has the same subnet as your office's private network. Change your home's IP schema. It won't affect anything at home unless you're rigged up for static devices (who does this and needs help with QVPN!?).:tongue:

    At this point, put in your VPN Users into the RV016 (through VPN >> VPN Client Access). Launch QVPN with one of the usernames and passwords you just entered and if it says your certificates don't match, just hit 'no'. At this point it will resolve to the other side...

    I had to alter my Samba server to get it to "host allow" the incoming network IPs ( and I'm afraid I'll have to probably update it for every yayhoo that needs to VPN into this network in order for them to get to their files, but it works! :smile:

    I hope this helps somebody. I spent five days trying to find all the pieces to get everything working right on this network.:mad:
  14. hackman777,
    I am having the same problem. I am new to ip's and subnet's. Could you please explain how and what I should do to change my ip schema on my home pc.
  15. DocLarge

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    people stay with the default ip of the router ( The available private ranges are:

    1) with subnet of
    2) thru with a subnet of 255.255..0.0
    3) with a subnet of

    I'm not going to get into "subnetting" because we want to keep it simple at the moment.

    From a home user's standpoint it's "convenient" to use the default ip range and subnet mask "but" everyone else has a tendency to do this also. So, when folks try to create vpn tunnels between sites, the tunnel never comes up because the LAN ip addresses are the same. For this reason, one side should be and the other and so forth.

    You can even go and have the other side set at

    To save yourself some aggravation, I'd use an ip range from #1 ( or #2 ( because they are less commonly used and minimizes LAN issues when setting vpn's.

    I can say from experience that the WRV54G would change your LAN ip "if" you enabled quickvpn for the very reason I mentioned above (LAN ip conflicts while trying to setup vpn).
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