VPN connections kill internet connection

Discussion in 'Other Firmware Projects' started by jeffj, Apr 26, 2004.

  1. jeffj

    jeffj Network Guru Member

    Using the latest wifibox firmware available from sourceforge I tried to set up a VPN using my wrt54g. I got a friend of mine to test the connection out. He was able to connect but it disconnected my computer from the network (it's plugged in through wired ethernet and is on static dhcp). Does anyone else have this problem or know what's causing it?
  2. Spyderman

    Spyderman Network Guru Member

    My first question is:

    Are your VPN Client IP ranges different from the ones on your Static / Dynamic DHCP?

    I cannot see why you would loose your connection inside the LAN when someone comes in via the WAN port and punches a tunnel through, unless two hosts are fighting for the same IP.

  3. jeffj

    jeffj Network Guru Member

    Silly me, I didn't change the vpn server IP to my router and instead had it pointing to my computer. Doesn't disconnect me now.
  4. jeffj

    jeffj Network Guru Member

    OK, so I can get clients to connect to my router's VPN server and it gives them an IP. There are some problems though. They become unable to access the internet. Their subnet is while mine is I don't see them listed in the dhcp clients window even though they have an ip (is this because the .200-.250 range for vpn is outside of the router's .100-.150 range?
  5. Spyderman

    Spyderman Network Guru Member


    Make sure that when you setup your clients VPN network connection, on your IP Network Settings you disable "Use default gateway on remote network"

    This will allow you to use your existing internet connection gateway to get out to the internet. If you think about it, there is no need to go into your WRT54G through a VPN tunnel and then come right out to the internet.

    Hope this helps.

  6. Motley

    Motley Guest

    Actually, there are plenty of reasons why you may want to do this. One of which is if you are somewhere else, to be able to look like you are still coming from your normal IP range.

    (Not that my office uses a linksys router, but the idea still applies).

    Normally I work at home (Behind my linksys router btw), and VPN to the office VPN. Many clients of ours use my office IP address range as an additional security measure in their firewalls to allow or deny specific traffic to them (Actually, PPTP is one of them).

    This may seem odd to you, but I will often VPN to the office (making it my defauly gateway), then VPN to a client (through my office VPN). The client only sees the requests coming from my office, when I am actually at home.

    Now there is one example. Now I would like to do the same thing one step rotated. I want to PPTP to my linksys router with the default gateway set, and then PPTP to my office through that tunnel (So it will accept the connection).
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