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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by chaosrain, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. chaosrain

    chaosrain Network Guru Member

    I have a WRV54G and, miraculously, I am able to make stable VPN connections to it using either The Green Bow or Linksys Quick VPN. I am attempting to allow inbound VPN connections to my home workgroup for many reasons ranging from LAN games to listening to my MP3 collection at home from work.

    I am able to ping all of my LAN devices (that have their firewall turned off) from the PC connected via the VPN client. I have also changed the workgroup of the VPN Client PC to that of my LAN workgroup.

    For some reason, however, I have no access to any of my workgroup resources. The VPN Client PC does not show up as a workgroup computer on the LAN, nor do any of the LAN machines show up as worgroup computers on the VPN Client PC.

    This is the most frustrating thing ever. I've got a VPN connection, but I can't do anything with it. I thought the whole purpose of a VPN connection was to 'spoof' the fact that you are connected to a LAN, though you are distant.

    What am I doing wrong? Should I be able to ping the VPN Client PC from the LAN machines...and if so, what IP address would the LAN see the VPN Client PC as? (The LAN network is and assigns IP addresses to my LAN machines starting at

  2. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    What IP address does the VPN client have, it should have a pseudo address for the VPN adaptor?

    What does going to a command prompt and typing the following from the VPN client give you?

    NBTSTAT -A ip_address_of_one_of_the_lan_PC's

    There's a space between the A and the ip address BTW ;)
  3. RAD_MAN

    RAD_MAN Network Guru Member

    i believe the setting you are looking for is in the advanced options of the VPN tunnel setup called NetBIOS Broadcast. enable that on the VPN tunnel and then you should be able to view the computers thru the VPN from work
  4. chaosrain

    chaosrain Network Guru Member

    I clicked the NetBios box in the advanced settings and got nothing. I'll check to see if I have to enable NetBios on the adapter too.

    The pseudo address for the VPN Client is: from the for the LAN.

    Here is the printout from that netstat command. Any ideas?

    Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
    (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

    C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>netstat -a

    Active Connections

    Proto Local Address Foreign Address State
    TCP brownadpc1:epmap brownadpc1:0 LISTENING
    TCP brownadpc1:microsoft-ds brownadpc1:0 LISTENING
    TCP brownadpc1:548 brownadpc1:0 LISTENING
    TCP brownadpc1:3389 brownadpc1:0 LISTENING
    TCP brownadpc1:14238 brownadpc1:0 LISTENING
    TCP brownadpc1:427 brownadpc1:0 LISTENING
    TCP brownadpc1:microsoft-ds localhost:2927 ESTABLISHED
    TCP brownadpc1:1031 localhost:427 CLOSE_WAIT
    TCP brownadpc1:1035 brownadpc1:0 LISTENING
    TCP brownadpc1:1050 brownadpc1:0 LISTENING
    TCP brownadpc1:2464 localhost:2465 ESTABLISHED
    TCP brownadpc1:2465 localhost:2464 ESTABLISHED
    TCP brownadpc1:2927 localhost:microsoft-ds ESTABLISHED
    TCP brownadpc1:5180 brownadpc1:0 LISTENING
    TCP brownadpc1:netbios-ssn brownadpc1:0 LISTENING
    TCP brownadpc1:427 brownadpc1:0 LISTENING
    TCP brownadpc1:2909 ads.web.aol.com:http ESTABLISHED
    TCP brownadpc1:2911 ESTABLISHED
    TCP brownadpc1:2917 166-37.amazon.com:http ESTABLISHED
    TCP brownadpc1:2918 166-37.amazon.com:http ESTABLISHED
    TCP brownadpc1:2920 ESTABLISHED
    TCP brownadpc1:3389 c-24-8-131-40.client.comcast.net:3620 ESTABLISH
    UDP brownadpc1:407 *:*
    UDP brownadpc1:427 *:*
    UDP brownadpc1:microsoft-ds *:*
    UDP brownadpc1:isakmp *:*
    UDP brownadpc1:1026 *:*
    UDP brownadpc1:1027 *:*
    UDP brownadpc1:1127 *:*
    UDP brownadpc1:1186 *:*
    UDP brownadpc1:2694 *:*
    UDP brownadpc1:14237 *:*
    UDP brownadpc1:ntp *:*
    UDP brownadpc1:1055 *:*
    UDP brownadpc1:1900 *:*
    UDP brownadpc1:ntp *:*
    UDP brownadpc1:netbios-ns *:*
    UDP brownadpc1:netbios-dgm *:*
    UDP brownadpc1:427 *:*
    UDP brownadpc1:isakmp *:*
    UDP brownadpc1:1900 *:*
  5. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    Er it was NBTSTAT not NETSTAT ;)
  6. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Additionally, have you created an lmhosts file that has all of the information (ip addresses, netbios name) pertaining to your computers on your network? Using WINS, although old fashioned, is a good way for your systems to be seen when enabling the netbios option. My WAG54G worked great when I vpn'd to a machine due to all 5 of them having the same updated lmhosts file (I use WINS in my domain also...).

    By the way, what firmware version are you using and what type of service do you use? Are you firmware version 2.37.7 and are you an ADSL or Cable modem user?

  7. sheller

    sheller Guest

    Same issue here... connecting, but no access to shares

    I can connect also from the WAN side, and ping all the systems that I want to access on the LAN side-
    But I can't access them...

    I figured that a host file would help, but why wouldn't mapping a drive with the PC's IP address work?
    eg: //

    If I install WINs and generate a host file for my systems, should I then be able to connect to the shares?
  8. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Once you're connected, WINS static mapping (configured lmhosts files on all of your compueters) should enable you to see all nodes on your network. The old school approach is not to rely totally on DNS, so, have your WINS server in the background.
  9. DeliLama

    DeliLama Guest

    Why not just access a machine this way:

    Start>>Run>> \\ 10.X.X.X\C$

    (where 10.x.x.x. represents that pc's addy on the LAN)

    It should prompt you for the admin login and away you go
  10. Kompressor

    Kompressor Network Guru Member

    I was having a similar problem until I updated my firmware to version 2.37.13.
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