VPN Connects from Outside Home network but No file Access

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Hellotoall, May 2, 2012.

  1. Hellotoall

    Hellotoall Serious Server Member

    Hi all,

    I have issue regarding File access when i connect to my home network from outisde using VPN. Here is what i have done.

    1. I have created incoming VPN in my window 7 Home basis laptop.
    2. I have open 1723 port for TCP & UDP through window 7 firewall.
    3. My window7 home basis laptop is connected to wireless router ( Beetel 450TC1 ADSL2+ Router ). 4. I have forwared port 1723 in beetel router to my window 7 home basis laptop ( say ip
    5. As my ISP is proving me dynamic ip , i have installed DynDNS updater in my window 7 home basis laptop to catch my changing ip address. so i will beusing myname.dyndns.org as server name in my client laptop.
    6.I have created new connection in other XP home laptop to connects to my vpn server on (window 7 home basis laptop) from outside my home network.
    8.XP home laptop uses TATA POTON dongle for internet.

    When i connects to VPN from outside , i am able to connect. My Window 7 home basis laptop shows 1 incoming connection and 1 user connected .

    My problem starts now... When i go to run and type the computer name say //Sony-Vaio , i am not able to see the shared folders of my window7 home basis laptop though i have given permission to the user connected to vpn.

    When i turn off the window firewall on both my window xp ( client ) and Window 7 home basis ( Server) laptops , then i am able to see the shared folder and have access to them.

    So i feel that there is some problem relatred to my window firewall on both laptops.

    Can you all please help me out so that i can connects to vpn and have access to shared folders when firewall on both laptops is on. Which are the ports need to be open on window x home and window 7 home firewalls?

    Please guide.
  2. Hellotoall

    Hellotoall Serious Server Member

    But my problem is not connecting to VPN. I am able to connect when firewall is turn off on both client (xp) laptop and Server ( win7) laptop. When one of the client or server firewall is turn on, I can not able to connect or have access to files on server.
    So my problem is related to firewall. Do you know which ports are to be passed through firewall on client and server?
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