VPN - flummoxed with addressing/static routing?

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by LinksysWRT54Guser, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. LinksysWRT54Guser

    LinksysWRT54Guser Network Guru Member

    I realize this is a router specific forum, but hopefully this post will not be considered too far off topic since it relates to VPN, and seems to be the best place for input _grin_

    I also posted in the netgear fourms since I'm using Netgear VPNrouters for gateways. Since I'm using WRT54G for wireless, thought I would post here, also_grin_

    Sooooo, anyhow-

    I've got my tunnel established -

    am going from a Netgear FVS318v3 vpn gateway at home to FVS318v3 at office.

    At office, can't get high speed so am sharing fractional t1 with a neighbor in the shoppng center and going from FVS318v to Linksy Wireless WRT54G and on to a Samsung Security Camera setup.

    From home can ping office router on other side, browse internet but can't ping Wireless router or anything beyond.

    office FVS318v3 address lan

    WRT54G Wireless router WAN ip
    Wrt54G Wireless Lan ip
    PC ip

    Home FVS318v3 Lan ip

    pinging office router lan is successful from home, but can't get anything going past the wireless router from home.

    I think I've got security off on the WRT54G.

    Do I have a subnet addressing problem?

    I know I need to have the lans on different ranges for VPN to work, am I missing something else here?

    I tried keeping setting the Linksys with the lan ip's in 192.168.0.x range but it wouldn't let me do it, so I went to the 192.168.1.x range.

    All subnet masks are

    Should I be setting the wireless router up for static routing?

    I started reading up on subnet adressing/masks but when they got to boolean algebra, they lost me _big grin_.

    Any guidance will be appreciated -


    Ken L
  2. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    Is there any reason to use a router for the wireless network, would an AP not do? If it would then connect the WRT54G to the Netgear via one of it's LAN ports that way the PC's can be in the same IP range.
  3. LinksysWRT54Guser

    LinksysWRT54Guser Network Guru Member

    It's what I happened to have at the moment _grin_

    Anyway to make this work with WRT54G?


    Ken L
  4. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    Use the method I posted above, connect the WRT54G using one of it's LAN ports that way the PC's will be on the same private IP range as the Netgear ;)
  5. Jahntassa

    Jahntassa Network Guru Member

    You also need to turn off the DHCP server in the WRT54G, else it'll really confuse your LAN on the far side.

    Plugging into the WAN port on the 54G will give you exactly the conditions described, because it doesn't allow access to the LAN from the WAN.
  6. LinksysWRT54Guser

    LinksysWRT54Guser Network Guru Member

    Wanted to let you know my resolution

    Thanks for your input guys.

    My initial VPN router in this location was a Zyxel VPN wireless that died and was flaky before it died. I had experienced too many problems over too long a period and felt a greater need to get up and running than find out exactly what was happening.

    So I picked up a couple of US robotics 5451 wireless access points, that support VPN passthru and stuck them in behind the Negear FVD318v3. They were the only access points I could pick up that were in stock that supported VPN

    There may have been a better fix, but I had already had more time and grief in this than hardware cost.

    The setup is humming, the tunnels go up quickly and stay up.

    If I don't have to touch it for several years I'll be a happy camper.

    Thanks for your input - whether I went specifically in the direction you suggested or not - you helped my thinking on the subjecr.

    Best regards

    Ken L
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