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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by ShoNuff, Jan 7, 2006.

  1. ShoNuff

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    I own the WRV54G router, and would like to know if I can use it as an internet gateway through a VPN connection. Right now I am in Tokyo, and I need to access a web site that prevents all connections from outside the US. I called the site administrator, and he told me that I could VPN to my router in Texas and use it as a gateway to access their web site. Until now, I never had a need to VPN to my home, but now I would like to know if what the guy told me is possible using QuickVPN software.

  2. ShoNuff

    ShoNuff Network Guru Member

    Did It Anyway

    I went ahead and setup QuickVPN, but could not get it to work. Linksys said they would email me the latest beta firmware, but I haven't received anything from them yet. Meanwhile, I could not connect with my router using QuickVPN or WinXP VPN connections. QuickVPN would get stuck in the "Verifying Network" phase while Windows XP would get stuck in the "Verifying Username and Password" phase. None of the KB articles on Linksys' web site nor their support people could make this work. So while drinking Sapporo beer tonight, I came across an article on this site. The person said they put their server computer behind the DMZ. While this is not advisable, I used remote management and put my computer back home behind the DMZ. That fixed the problem for QuickVPN and Win XP. I am not sure why it works for QuickVPN, but I can connect using it.

    Now unfortunately for QuickVPN, it only allows me access to my computer drives. It doesn't allow me to use it as a gateway to access my home internet. However, Windows XP does, and I can now access the sites I couldn't before. Hopefully this will help someone and hopefully Linksys will send the new firmware which will correct all of these problems.
  3. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    As you already know, putting things in the DMZ opens up "every port" on that device, so basically, that system is "wide open" to the world, so I hope you've got some measure of security on it and nothing of value (social security numbers, passwords, "incriminating pictures" (you know the ones I'm talking about :) )

    If you need help with a vpn server configuration, look at this link:

    http://www.dslreports.com/r0/download/947497~e45c1ab8ff7ce0da875a818a9bebfded/PPTP VPN Server.wmv

    I basically put this together with direct attention placed on configuration moreso than user privileges (that will be another video)

    If you're getting verifying network, the problem may come down to a setting on your laptop. Also, if you've played around with the builtin PPTP server on the WRV54G and have accidenatlly left a tunnel enabled, this will also block quickvpn from connecting and leave you with "verifying network" stuck on your screen...

    A major complaint a lot of of us older WRV54G owners have had is that the WRV has the horsepower to do a lot more than what it's currently doing, such as act as a gateway during a vpn session, but Linksys won't finish the code to get it to function like this for seeing more promise with the RV0XX routers, so we may never see that feature in the WRV.

  4. ShoNuff

    ShoNuff Network Guru Member

    >...a lot of of us older WRV54G owners...

    When was this router first released? I bought it for my home computer, because it satisified my wireless router requirement, and i thought it looked cool. I had no idea that it had been on the market for a long time. It just happend to be dumb luck that I bought a VPN router which I need now.

    I don't own a copy of Windows 2003. I set up a server on my WinXP Pro computer by using the "create a new connection" task. Are there any third-party VPN server software that can be used?

    I don't have any tunnels configured or enabled. I tried that once, and the router completely crashed. I couldn't RDC into it nor could I access it via remote management. So that isn't conflicting with QuickVPN.

    Why doesn't Linksys support this router better. They have created several beta firmware version, but haven't released any final versions since 2004 which was when 2.37 was released. It seems that even that version is still buggy. I know this is a Linksys board, but maybe linksys isn't the way to go anymore. If I cannot get this VPN to work, Linksys' name will be dirt in my book.
  5. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Man, alot of folks have washed their hands of Linksys because of "off shore" support (mostly in India and Phillipines). 8 out of 10 techs you talk to know how to log a job down but don't know how to troubleshoot anything more than "Did you unplug the router? Have you upgraded to the latest firmware? Can you get out to the internet? For shitz, I'll ask something like "What is the fifth layer of the OSI model? and the tech will stall me while they are looking for the answer on the internet (you can hear them clicking on the keyboard doing a web search...) One tech told me the "Network" layer was the fifth layer of the OSI model, so that tells you where the state of tech support is with Linksys...

    The WRV54G first came out in 2004 (I believe April..). Oh yeah, it looked "GOOD!! (very sleek, lots of moxie) but when you got that sumbitch home and plugged it in, it rebooted, dropped connection, wouldn't hold a tunnel up for nothing (a support bra was more reliable). Linksys tech support is just as ignorant of its operation now as they were when it came out. 2.37 (in my mind) is probably the last official firmware release, and it was flawed. I bought the 50 user license upgrade to add more quickvpn clients, and they used 2.37, so, I still couldn't use my PPTP server (algorithms don't synch, but quickvpn still worked.

    Pardon the long post, but somebody had to tell you :?

    Check out the SMCBR18VPN Firewall router ($79 from Newegg.com). I put this router in front of my WRV54G and now, the WRV works great (no dropped connections, quickvpn works fine). It's unfortunate I had to get another router, but the benefit is the WRV is stable and I have two different routable subnets in the house (one for me and one for the wife).

  6. ShoNuff

    ShoNuff Network Guru Member

    Thanks for the sordid history of this router. I think this will be my last Linksys product. Has Linksys given any reason why they will not support this router? Can you recommend a reliable VPN router?
  7. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    To be honest, my WRV54G is solid now that I know the best firmware to work with (2.37.13, 2.38, and 2.38.6) I use vpn daily via the quickvpn client and can access all my files no matter where I am. You're just at the phase a lot of us started out in because of so many quirks linksys didn't document with this device; that's why a friend and I worked together for about six months on the issues. When we were finished, I wrote the quickvpn setup guide...

    You've got a good router. I'd say just get a different firmware version on it, copy the quickvpn setup guide to your computer, read it, and you'll be loving the WRV54G.

    If you must get another vpn router, I enthusiastically suggest getting the SMCBR18VPN Firewall router ($78 from newegg.com). It's not a wireless, so what I do is use one of my older 54G routers as an access point so I can control the SMCBR18VPN. Works like a charm!

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