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Discussion in 'Other Firmware Projects' started by drinkmorebeer, Nov 3, 2004.

  1. drinkmorebeer

    drinkmorebeer Network Guru Member

    the WifiBox firmware is a great upgrade to the WRT54GS....GREAT JOB and THANKS!!

    I am having issues with a VPN connection....I connect, can see shares, but I cannot browse very well. I am trying to use my VPN as a secure proxy. I would like to browse via my VPN. I have use default gateway checked to route through my VPN.

    Here is the problem: When I browse I can see news.google.com, but www.yahoo.com and many others links hang this does not happen if I disconnect my vpn.

    I noticed my netmask on my VPN connection is, I am used to seeing for my conections. Not sure if this is my problem, seems to be the only thing unusual.



    UPDATE: When I connect via VPN all the computers connected to the router have the same web connection issues. (Messing with VPN, when logged in wife cannot browse eaby)
  2. seppil

    seppil Network Guru Member


    Was your problem solved? I seem to have the same problem. Does anyone have a clear setup document how to setup:
    a) vpn with linksys as vpn server
    b) vpn with windows server behind linksys (WAN - Linksys - WinXP VPN server)

  3. drinkmorebeer

    drinkmorebeer Network Guru Member

    I was never able to solve the issue. I have set up a VPN server on a linux box and forward the port to the linux server. It is a workariound, not a solution.
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