VPN: I've set up VPN... But What Next?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by toulbox, Oct 2, 2005.

  1. toulbox

    toulbox Network Guru Member

    Hi everyone, I'm a newB at all this.. and need a little help.

    What do I do next once I have established the VPN connection between both routers? Because, I can't see my computers at the opther end of my VPN.

    When I go into my routers admin console I can see it says "connected", but I dont know how to establish the connections to my PC's at the other end of my VPN.

    Here's my set up using 2x Linksys WRV54G Firmware 2.37;

    1x WRV54G (office) DSL Static IP - Connected to small network of 3PC's

    1x WRV54G (home) Cable Dynamic IP - Connected to home PC

    Any help is appreciated.
  2. brantdk

    brantdk Network Guru Member

    On your workstation
    Use Windows Network connection.
    Creat a new connection...follow the wizard...then you should have your vpn from your workstation to your home network.

    Remember that if you want to connection (remote control) an internal computer inside your network, you will have to nat the port to that computer.
  3. toulbox

    toulbox Network Guru Member

    2 Questions:
    1. Can I really (remote control) a pc via my vpn?
    2. How do I "nat the port to that computer"?

    Also, just of the phone with Linksys support, he said I need to enable NETBIOS Broadcast at both ends.
  4. mikj007

    mikj007 Network Guru Member

    All you have to do is disable the firewall on the local computers. After this you could either map a network drive or go to run and \\computer ip\shared folder. THis will allow you to browse network folders. If you do have XP Pro you could also enable remote desttop in system properties or use VNC.
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