VPN Passthrough functional for others? Cisco VPN behind Tomato

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Drew134, May 24, 2013.

  1. Drew134

    Drew134 Reformed Router Member

    I have been having some difficulties setting this up and any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I have been running Shibby AIO builds on my e4200 for a long time now (Thank you Shibby!).. and haven't tested any other builds, nor DD-WRT for the matter.

    I have a Cisco RV082 for use with an IPSEC VPN to link to work, and a Linksys e4200. The RV082 can connect to the office if it is the first device with the e4200 as a router behind it, which is not optimal for obvious reasons :) If I put the RV082 behind the e4200 the VPN is unable to connect.. even with NAT Traversal enabled on both the work RV082 and my home RV082.

    I have tried port forwards and misc firewall rules, but have not had any luck. Has anyone setup a Cisco IPSEC VPN on a device behind a tomato router? If so, were there any difficulties?

    I'll provide any information possible and any assistance would be more than greatly appreciated.

    Thank you all!
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