vpn probs.

Discussion in 'Other Firmware Projects' started by jetre, Sep 23, 2004.

  1. jetre

    jetre Network Guru Member

    iam using an wrt54g with wifi-box firmware 01/02/2004.
    to connect into the vpn server works fine. also other pcs can login fine.
    the normal lan ips are (router ip
    vpn server ip is and the clients ips are
    as i said i have no trouble to connect. also i can ping the others pcs which are connectet via vpn. but i can not access their shares. i can see them if i enter the vpn ip of an other pc into the explorer. but i can not enter the directories or using the printer. every time the explorer hangs up. any ideas what iam doing wrong ?
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    are the PC's setup for sharing or is there any firewall stopping the incomming user to gain access to your pc?
  3. jetre

    jetre Network Guru Member

    nope all firewalls are diabled. i can access the shared dirs. but if i want to create an dir or something like this the explorere hangs up
  4. ctyhuntr

    ctyhuntr Network Guru Member

    VPN problems

    I am also having similar problem with my vpn server on the WRT54G. I can connect fine. After connected through the VPN, I can ping everything on my network. I get some access to my shared drives. BUT I can not access anything else on the internet besides google and google related sites...Weird huh?

    I just can't figure it out. .... please help.
  5. eierbeisser

    eierbeisser Network Guru Member

    ... and yet another problem: I can connect my VPN but can't ping any anything on my network.... :(
  6. zetoune

    zetoune Network Guru Member

    firmware wfb_2.02.2.6-tp
    I can connect to VPN Server, can ping my computer on the network...
    But I can't connect to it with Remote desktop. The window pop up, the screen stays black...
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