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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by SAPo57, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. SAPo57

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    My friend has a program for billing clients. He uses an ISDN connection to connect to a VPN server, in which he can send and receive vital information for his job.

    Is it possible to use a router with an ISP Internet connection using Ethernet to connect to a VPN server as well?

    If so, does the DD-WRT v23-SP1 vpn firmware for the WRT54GS or any other VPN router have the option of configuring such a VPN connection that uses a password and a specific phone number to connect?
  2. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    To answer part of this question, yes you can create a vpn via just about any means you like. As far as DD-WRT goes i do not know as i have not personally played with it. However i can tell you that its going to depend on how the vpn server or the "server" side of the connection is set up and what device it is. Some vpn servers are very particular about what client they will accept or allow to connect and how that client goes about connecting. Your best bet is to ask whomever is controlling the server side of the vpn what the option for connecting are. If he is simply using a program to connect then as long as the network he is connecting from is not blocked he can connect from just about anywhere. If it is a hardware solution and he has control of the hardware on his side that can be mirrored as well to make it work outside his current environment. Hopefully this helps you, if it creates more questions then answers please let me know the logistics of the devices in question and ill see what i can find for you.
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