vpn routing problem - befvp41 to fortigate 60

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by magsi, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. magsi

    magsi Network Guru Member

    i have the following routing problem with a vpn:


    a linksys vp41 is connected to a fortigate 60 using ipsec-vpn. on both sides are private networks and everything is working as expected.

    at the fortigate side there's another private network connected to another interface of the fortigate (DMZ). on the fortigate side there's also a policy directing packets from the second subnet into the ipsec-vpn-tunnel.

    how can i tell the vp41 that there is another subnet reachable through the tunnel? or e.g. the internet.

    i tried to use remote secure group = any in vpn-settings which did not work (exept that the vp41 could no longer initiate the tunnel)

    also i tried to set up a static route with a gateway on the remote side of the tunnel which didn't work either. (tried both interfaces local and wan).

    anyone an idea or hint?

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