VPN routing trouble - wag54g and rv042

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by odicha, Nov 26, 2005.

  1. odicha

    odicha Guest

    Hello all!

    I´ve a question about VPNs

    I´ve a RV042 (two ISPs attached in WAN Backup mode). It´s connected via VPN to WAG54G routers. I´ve five v1.2 and one V2.

    I´ve two VPNs in clients, one to ISP1 and other to ISP2, in the same range, for failover purposes. The only that works is WAG54G V2. V1 fails working when first VPN fails. It connects to second VPN but it doesn´t route any packet.

    It seems that 54g v2 only adds route when vpn is connected, but v1 adds route when you enable the vpn. Anybody knows about a firmware version (official or not) for v1´s that only adds the route to remote vpn when vpn is connected?

    RV042 -- ISP1 ----VPN -------------------------VPN1--WAG54G
    ............-- ISP2 ----VPN -------------------------VPN2--..............
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