vpn Server and access restrictions together

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by drnorton, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. drnorton

    drnorton New Member Member

    I like only to know if access restrictions and vpn server work together on tomato for my netgear r7000 ?
    On dd-wrt I have trouble. Only one thing is running. VPN or access restrictions. Both together dont run.

    Also like to know if timestart and timestop and mac adresses in iptables rules runs.

    I like to block some IP adresses or MAC Adresses. And here only some ports. One example:

    One user comes over OpenVPN (tap mode. With LAN address to the LAN and need this connection to play games, like LOL.
    Now I like to block the ports for this game. Means: Ports 27000-27050, Ports 8393-8400,Ports 5222-5223, Port 3478 and 8088.
    Both ... TCP and UDP. And this for different times. Not only for one time.

    I looking for a long time to manage this problem.

    Thanks in advanced.

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