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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Taipal, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. Taipal

    Taipal Guest

    O.K guys here is the Setup. 1 linksys WAG54G version 2 router with the latest firmware. 2 Dell desktop P.C's connected to the router via cable. 1 Packard Bell Laptop connected via Wireless 802/11b.

    I have been attempting to setup a home to Office VPN for several Days now, and no matter what i try t always hangs on "Verrifying Username and Password", then gives me a 721 error.

    I am using windows XP pro on the two desktops and Home on the laptop.

    I have tried using all three as a Server, yet the only one that works is my laptop. Whats wrong with that you say? You've simply set the system up incorrectly? Well here's the kicker that i'm hoping you guys can help me get my head around.

    If i connect to the network and host the server on my laptop using its wireless connection, the server is fine and external network connections can be made to it.

    If i use a cable connection to connect my laptop to the router, the system once again hangs at "Verrifying username and password".

    Does anyone know why this could be?
  2. TheProf

    TheProf Network Guru Member

    The problem is with XP, not the router.

    On the VPN connection of the dialling PC, go into properties, Options, and make sure that "Include Windows Logon Domain" is selected.

    On the machine that you are VPN'ing to:

    Setup New Connection Wizard, Setup An Advanced Connection, Accept Incomming Connections, On device for incoming connections just click next, Allow Virtual Private Connections, Select Users and click next >>

    From the Networking Software screen, select TCP/IP, and go into properties. Specify an IP address (I use and above). Click OK, Next, Finish

    The VPN should now establish.

    If you want to map a drive remotely, and you are using a Peer to Peer network, you should disable the Windows firewall (you still have the NAT in the router).

    Hope this helps,
  3. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    If y'all don't mind a second opinion :) I'd venture to say the issue is either with your router's ability to port forward 1723 via ethernet connection (not likely) or (what I think it may be) you haven't properly set up your "wired" ethernet port to handle vpn traffic.

    So, you need to configure your computer's ethernet port the "exact" same way you configured your wireless card. Basically, both of your cards need to be assigned ip's and configured appropriately to handle vpn traffic. I'd wage a bet you just haven't configured your onboad ethernet card.

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