VPN Solution for Small Business and Satellite Offices

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  1. greglgood

    greglgood LI Guru Member

    VPN Solution for Small Business and Satellite Offices

    What would be the recommended equipment purchases and setups for each office?

    Small Business of about 15 employees typically with computers and application requirements is expanding support. Opening multiple satellite and support offices is looking for a secure solution. VPNs seem logical for the satellite offices but some employees may need to use other connections to VPN remotely while in the field.

    Main Office

    Supported with a DSL link with dedicated IP address. They are running a Small Business Server 2003 Premium and Windows 2003 Server Standard with Terminal Services. Need to support NATing for three IP segments. IP1 is the main company LAN, IP2 is a company web site to be broadcast, IP3 is an out of band management segment. 8 Laptops that can be mobile out to the satellite offices or work from home. Future may see VOIP solution requiring more bandwidth access to ISP.

    Also support printing, scanning and fax.

    Satellite Offices 1, 2, & 3
    o Each office has the same multifunction printer/scanner/fax
    o Linksys wireless camera
    • SO1 – DSL link
    • SO2 – Broadband corporate cable modem dedicated link
    • SO3 – TBD

    Support Site 1
    • SS1 – Home office with home broadband connection.

    Employee Home Office - 8
    • Will be DSL or Boardband
    • EHOLCx - Laptop from office
    • EHOHCx - Employee home computer – Terminal Service

    Draft Plan:

    MainOffice – MO – DSL
    • Prefer the WRVS4400N - Wireless-N Gigabit Security Router with VPN Secure, high-speed wireless networking for growing businesses
    • Alternate the WRV200 - Wireless-G VPN Router with RangeBooster Secure, smart wireless networking for growing Businesses
    • Best option RV016 - 10/100 16-Port VPN Router with redundancy option to add links such as T-1 or other ISP. Best solution for future VOIP.

    Satellite Offices – SO – DSL& BB
    • Prefer the WRV54G - Wireless-G VPN Broadband Router

    Support Site – SS – BB
    • Prefer the WRVS4400N - Wireless-N Gigabit Security Router with VPN Secure, high-speed wireless networking for growing businesses

    Employee Home Office – EH
    • Typical - WRT54G - Wireless-G Broadband Router
    • Laptop - QuickVPN - 10 - Client Licenses
    • Home Computer - QuickVPN - 2 - Client Licenses

    Reading reviews, are these products ready for real implementation?

    Please provide alternate recommendations.
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    I have a few recomendations:

    tbh i would scrap the idea of the WRV200 for your main office. and go with a RV0xx serires for stability. you could add a WAP to it for wirless, but in an office the best thing to do is make the office wired only.

    For vpn clients quickvpn can be temperamental where as the RV016 does support pptp as well I am not sure as to how many pptp tunnels are created by the rv016 (Anyone?) the RV042 only supports 5. but pptp connects without a problem. these could be used for laptop employees.

    The WRT54G for the Employee could be changed to the WRV200 since price of this is low and it has IPSEC Tunnel support so QuickVPN would not be needed on the static home instalation.

    just my 2 cents worth.
  3. Haran

    Haran LI Guru Member

    You can also check out the RVS4000 for the main office and compliment with an AP if you want wireless.
  4. YeOldeStonecat

    YeOldeStonecat Network Guru Member

    I setup my clients with the RV082 or RV016 models, and if they need wireless, I was using the WAP54gx hung off of that, lately been using the wap4400n series.

    All the RV0 series are only up to 5x PPTP users, if you need more, or need IPSec, use the QuickVPN client..up to 15 default for the 082 and 016 models..can go to 50 and 100 with license upgrades.
  5. MacJube

    MacJube Network Guru Member

    I agree with Toxic and YeOldeStonecat; go with an RV082 for the office and relegate the WRV200 to home use. I have four RV082s deployed; the 1.3.2 firmware is very, very stable and the router-to-router encrypted 3DES throughput over DSL is about 95% of unencrypted performance. You're better with the RV082 and a separate gigabit switch than the RV016 with its 16x100Mbps ports. Limits on the RV082 are:

    15 QuickVPN clients
    100 IPSec tunnels (router-to-router)
    5 PPTP tunnels

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