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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by mrs.nash, Mar 11, 2008.

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    Hello all,

    I had bought a WRV54G wireless vpn router to set up at work so that employees would be able to access the server resources from home. I could not get it working and have since returned it. I found this site today in researching trying to find another router that will work. This is my situation:

    I currently have a DSL modem connected to a WRT300N wireless router connected to a hub which connects all of my local users and 2 servers. We have a local domain set up.

    I was told that i could buy a vpn router and place it between my dsl modem and the wireless router in order to have vpn support. (I instead went with a wireless vpn router and dropped it in place of the wrt300n), but i was never able to get the vpn connections to work. Also after purchasing the wrv54g i found out that it only supported 5 quickvpn clients and i need at least 10 and the availability of upgrading a license agreement to have more at some point in the future (this may be in a year, or could be 3 to 4 years down the road, not sure at this point).

    Does anyone have any suggestions on a solution that will help me? Thanks for any info.

    M Nash
  2. DocLarge

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    you could look at purchasing the Linksys WRV200 which gives you "10" IPSEC quickvpn clients; the cost of this unit is generally under $85 depending upon where you go.

    The WRV54G, truth be told, is capable of handling more than 5 clients; if you were to have purchased the Quickvpn upgrade when it was available, you'd have a total of 50 vpn clients (45 additional including the five clients your WRV54G comes with).

    Being the promotion appears to no longer be available, the WRV200 may be your best option for "ease of use" vpn impementation.
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