VPN through a BEFDSR41W - router crashes

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Chris_P_Duck, Aug 19, 2006.

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    BEFDSR41W : Firmware V3.40(FH.4)d0 | 04/11/2003

    Perhaps someone can help me with a problem I am having with VPN access through my BEFDSR41W router.

    With very little setup required from me, I have managed to get my wife's laptop to communicate with her corporate VPN through one of the ports on the router. The port I am using is actually on a Cat 5e extension into another part of the house. I have no problems at all if I connect my wife's laptop directly to this extension - the VPN connection is perfectly stable and works flawlessly (so far).

    However, since I want to add a wireless access point in the same part of the house, I have put an ethernet switch on the end of this extension to generate 4 more ports from the one router port. I have a wireless access point plugged into the switch and it works fine. I also have another laptop connected via a patch cable into the switch, and that also works fine.

    The problem is that if I try to connect my wife's laptop to her VPN through this switch, the router immediately crashes (ie it drops the ADSL connection and then restarts it). Note that this same router port supports VPN perfectly without the switch. I have tried replacing the switch with a wireless cable router (a linksys WRT54GS), and although I can get it to function just like the switch to support wired and wireless connections, the VPN connection still always crashes the router.

    I have tried numerous different settings in both the BEFDSR41W router and the new WRT54GS, but the VPN connection ALWAYS crashes the BEFDSR41W unless it is made directly through the router port.

    Does anyone know if VPN access over a switch or a second router should be possible? I see no reason why not, but I'm no expert! Is there a known issue with the BEFDSR41W that causes it to crash if used this way? Are there any settings I should check to fix this, or is there a way I can log exactly what causes the crash? Is there any newer 'beta' firmware for this router (I can't see any on the this or the Linksys sites).

    I'd appreciate any help anyone can give me.


    EDIT: 40 viewers of this message so far, and no replies?! Perhaps there isn't a logical answer. I think the BEFDSR41W may have a fault or a bug after all. I tried moving the BEFDSR41W into the room where the VPN access is required, and then found that it was not reliable when connecting to the VPN even when the laptop was patched directly into one of the BEFDSR41W ports. I can't explain why it appeared reliable before, and I cannot get that setup to work any more. I've replaced the BEFDSR41W with a D-Link G624T (PCWorld swapped it for the WRT54GS) and all appears to be well for the time being - connecting up the laptop into the router extension via my cheap ethernet switch works after all!
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