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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by willgill, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. willgill

    willgill Network Guru Member

    Here's my setup
    I'm trying to establish hardware VPN from Home to Work going through WRT's at both ends.

    The goal is to have the Work Server see the Home Desktop.

    I can't get it to establish a VPN link using the router's "Connect" or QuickVPN.

    At Work, should I swap the VPN and WRT so that requests from the Internet hit the BEFSX41 VPN first? Can I put the WRT behind it to keep wireless?

    At Home, I'd take out the WRT and put the BEFV41v2 in its place in a heartbeat except I like the Parental Control for my kids. I have all wireless going through the Aironet at home.
  2. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    Make sure you've enabled the IPsec "Pass Through" setting on the WRT54GS's. Probably this won't be enough though. You'll need to configure the WRT's to forward UDP port 500 to your VPN boxes. Additionally the WRT's will need to pass IP protocol 50 (and possibliy 51 also) to the VPN boxes as well. Note that these are NOT ports 50 & 51!

    See here for a little more info.

    You could try putting the BEFSX41 in front of the WRT at your office and then establishing the VPN connection from home but that might not be enough. (I'm not sure.)

    If you can't get it working with the stock linksys firmware you might consider installing custom firmware such as DD-WRT on your WRT's which will allow to you configure the necessary firewall rules to get things up and running with things hooked up the way you show in your diagram.

    To make the WRT at your office function as a AP behind the BEFSX41 simply run a cable from the BEFSX41 to a LAN port on the WRT and disable the DHCP server in the WRT.

    Good luck!
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