VPN Tunnel between BEFSX42 & RV042

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by lazergeek, Jan 21, 2006.

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    have a working Tunnel with 2 BEFSX41 Routers. Due to Expansion Reasons I am replacing 1 of the Routers with a RV042.

    After Switching the Router it Failed to Connect. Checking the Logs it looks like because of authentication reasons.
    Here are my settings

    Local Security Group: Sublet,
    Remote Security Group: Sublet,
    Remote Security Gateway: IP = 69.xxx.xxx.51
    Encrytion: DES
    Authenication: MD5
    Key Mangement: Auto(IKE)
    PFS Enabled
    Pre-shared Key: TestKey
    Key Lifetime: 3600 sec
    Main Mode Enabled
    Proposal 1:
    Encryption: DES
    Authentication: SHA
    Group: 768-bit
    Key Lifetime 3600 Seconds
    Phase 2:
    Encryption: DES
    Authentication: MD5
    PFS: On
    Group: 768-bit
    Key Lifetime: 3600 Seconds
    Keep Alive: Enabled

    Local Security Gateway: IP = 71.xxx.xxx.7
    Local Security Group: Sublet,
    Remote Security Gateway: IP Only
    IP Address: 69.xxx.xxx.51
    Remote Security Group: Sublet,
    Keying Mode: IKE with Pre-shared key
    Phase 1 DH Group: Group 1
    Phase 1 Encrytion: DES
    Phase 1 Authenication: MD5
    Phase 1 SA Life Time: 3600 sec
    PFS Enabled
    Phase 2 DH Group: Group 1
    Phase 2 Encrytion: DES
    Phase 2 Authenication: MD5
    Phase 2 SA Life Time: 3600 sec
    Pre-shared Key: TestKey
    Keep Alive Enabled

    The BEFSX41 is behind a Actiontec GT701-wg which has the static IP and has the BEFSX41 in the DMZ. I doubt the NAT is getting in the way since it has been working fine with the old BEFSX41

    Any Ideas?

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