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  1. formal

    formal LI Guru Member


    I have several offices to connect to a central BEFVP41.

    The routers are connected to AM200 DSL modems.

    The modems are picking up static IP addresses and the routers are configured with the modem on the internal connection.

    The VPN settings are correct but I cannot get a connection.

    IPSEC/PPTP are set to pass thru on the modem.

    Shoud I be forwarding ports from the modem or I am missing something obvious?

    All help appreciated.
  2. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Here's the problem I see:

    The routers you have in place are "ethernet" routers which means they "do not" work directly with PPPoA technology:


    Notice in red where it says they do not connect directly to a phone line...

    If your xDSL connection is PPPoE, then you're fine (these routers can do PPPoE): if not, then you'll need to get and ADSL "ethernet" modem in order to connect:


    I've got an older version of the x-modem ce and it's the sh*t!! I'm not a fan of router/gateway combo's so I prefer to keep everything separate to avoid translation/pass thru issues with other hardware. I learned this the hardway when I purchased an adsl2mue and thought my WRV54G would work behind it. The problem was if you bridged the adsl2mue, that meant the device behind it would be directly responsible for translating whatever internet connection you were on (I have an PPPoA ADSL connection). Because my WRV54G only did PPPoE, PPTP, and Cable, the adsl2mue was useless. I then called up http://www.adslnation.com in Oxford and ordered an x-modem ce (got here within 24hrs) and I was in business (x-modem ce works with "all" xDSL UK standards).

    So, putting the AM200's in bridge mode won't be of any use to you if your connection is not PPTP or PPPoE, unfortunately (again, just my immediate observation).

    What is your internet connection and how exactly are your ethernet routers connected to the am200's? Are you running CAT5 from the am200's to the WAN ports of your ethernet routers?

  3. formal

    formal LI Guru Member


    Yes, the AM200 are connected ethernet to the WAN port.

    The broadband connection is ADSL PPPoA
  4. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Okay, you're going to have to buy an xDSL ethernet modem, because your two routers are not going to work any other way; call 0845 125 9426 at ADSL Nation and ask for Darrin; he should be able to get you on the right track...

  5. formal

    formal LI Guru Member

    Much appreciated - cheers!
  6. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Let me recant just a "tiny" bit....

    As you see, you're having a little trouble getting the tunnels to come up from behind an ADSL router/modem gateway; yes, you could forward port 500 from your router/gateways to your ethernet routers. VPN has "plenty" of unwanted overhead and you want to get the fastest link as possible, which is why I'm suggesting you go with ADSL ethernet modems instead.

    Whereas it would work (forwarding ports to your other routers) oncethe right configuration was in place, you "might" run into translation problems due to some routing features still being active with your gateway routers if they're not in "bridge mode."

    All in all, ethernet ADSL modems are the way to go with ethernet routers!! :)

  7. formal

    formal LI Guru Member


    I have been experimenting with a DSL-300T Dlink.

    When connected to a PC the DSL-300T works fine. Passing the static IP to the PC - internet access works no problem.

    When I connect the DSL-300T to the BEFSX41 something goes wrong.

    The WAN port on the BEFSX41 picks up the static IP address, but I cannot ping any (internet IP) addresses from the router and cannot connect to the outside world.
  8. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member


    make sure you're using firmware 1.45.7 on the BEFSX41. This is the only firmware I've seen people ever using with it because anything after that has never really been stable.

    If you need to pick up the firmware you can grab it from the page below:


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