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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by mescamilla, Mar 10, 2005.

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    I have two offices, with 512 DSL connections I want to create a VPN to connect them, also I have a BEFVP41 routers on each point but I cannot establish the connection.
    Is there some documentation I can read or someone can guide me on how to do this.

  2. DocLarge

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    Since a fair amount of these Jackholes havent' offered any assistance, I'll try to help. I'm not a VPN expert by far, but I've had my troubles with the technology.

    Are you getting some sort of error like "cannot verify network?" NAT and IPSEC don't work to well together, however, you've got to start somewhere. What I'd suggest is setting your vpn up at "one" location first and then try downloading a free trial version of the greenbow vpn client. Once you've done that, here's where you can find out how to configure it for your BEFVP41 routers:


    Should you need anymore info regarding greenbow products, you can find it on the website. Keep in mind, I'm just suggesting this particular client because it gives good detail on configuring your router.

    Now, tunnel configuration between the two routers (after you're able to connect to one of them using the greenbow client) should be as such:

    Office 1:

    Local Secure Group: (Office 1 Internal Lan IP)

    Remote Secure Group: (Office 2 Internal Lan IP)

    Remote Secure Gateway xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (Office 2 WAN IP Address)

    Do the opposite for the second Office's router. Some people use "any" however if you have the exact ip address, it's best to use it. Additionally, whatever encryption/algorithm you use in phase one is generally the same you want to use in phase two during authentication.

    Try that and see if it works...

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