VPN with two WKPC54G Linksys routers

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by huorsa, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. huorsa

    huorsa Guest

    I want to create a VPN using two WKPC54G Linksys routers. I have one of them in the office and the other is at home. I don't know what configuration or ports should I enable.

    Can anyone help me???? please
  2. Merlin1173

    Merlin1173 LI Guru Member

    I have a server configured as a VPN server. I want to set up a vpn connection through my WKPC54G to my server. I have configured my router for VPN passthrough, but when I try to configure my VPN client software for my remote computer it requires a preshared key. I do not have this because I couldn't find where a place to configure it in my router. I am obviously overlooking something. Is allowing VPN passthrough on my router enough to setup the VPN, or do I have to configure the router for a specific VPN protocol (instead of automatically obtain an address) on the setup page.
  3. Merlin1173

    Merlin1173 LI Guru Member

    I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to take away from your question, but the answer may solve both of our problems. The main setup page of our routers has a place to change the type of connection the router has. I haven't had time to play with it, yet, but I know I can change that setting to a VPN protocol. I tried it before I left the house today, but after I saved my settings I wasn't able to access the admin pages in the web browser. So I reset my router because I had to leave. I have a pretty good idea that configuration will work, but I haven't had time to prove it yet. It would be nice if someone else would reply to this thread because its hard to find anyone who has tried this with these routers. To try to add more to your question......Will this configuration of the connection type on the setup page allow a VPN tunnel without assigning any specific ports for it?
  4. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Guys: Here's an important question:

    does the router have vpn capability? I'm not to familiar with this particular router, but last I checked, the WKPC54G doesn't appear to be one of the vpn routers Linksys sells (unless I missed something) so the best you could possibly hope for is that it will allow protocol 47 (GRE) to pass through so you can set up a vpn server "behind" it.

    By default, all Linksys routers will have a "VPN" tab; generally, on "non" vpn routers, this tab is available for you to set "VPN Pass-Thru" settings such as PPTP, L2TP, and IPSEC, that's it. An actual vpn router is going to allow you to configure local secure groups, remote secure groups, remote secure gateways, to include having you set Encryption (DES/3DES) and Algorithms (MD5/SHA1).

    Do you guys see anything resembling that on your menus?

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