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    DBJELLQU Network Guru Member

    What alternatives do I have for getting a VPN working over a college-provided Internet service from a Dorm room?

    I have a newly purchased LinkSys RV082 at home, and have tested successfully with QuickVPN over an EarthLink dial-up connection. I purchased this for my 'college student' with the anticipation of enabling a VPN Tunnel for her back to the home network. QuickVPN does NOT work from the dorm room. The University apparently does not support 'IPSec Passthrough'. I used the 'Port Detective' program from the Dorm to confirm that ports 443 and 500 were not available. I also emailed Tech Support at the University requesting 'IPSec Passthrough', but they would not budge on their firewall policies.

    I appreciate creative thinking. What are some of my other choices to get true VPN working? I don't want to expense a DSL line for the Dorm, unless there are no other choices.
  2. mhetterm

    mhetterm Network Guru Member

    Setup a PC running SSH server on your end. Configure it to use port 443. Forward port 443 through your router to that PC.

    Setup a ssh tunnel on her end (most ssh clients will do it, I use putty), to port 443 of your ip address.

    This gets through every firewall I've seen - port 443 is secure http, which is needed for any website that starts with https, and is encrypted, so the firewall can't packet snoop and reject based on contents.

    DBJELLQU Network Guru Member

    Very interesting. I'll have to consider that.

    If I understand this, forwarding port 443 would likely disable the built-in VPN on the Linksys router, at least for QuickVPN (correct?), in favor of a SSH server that I need to set up. Suggestions for SSH Servers?

    I'm familiar with puTTY, and can then see how the rest of the solution works. She should be able to connect over SSH solely (very smooth).

    Is there any way of preserving the built-in VPN features of the RV082 with this method? I just spent the extra $$ upgrading to this home router, specifically for the VPN feature. I might like to make use of it myself at same time daughter is using SSH. I guess we could both use SSH.

    This was very good, and we might go with it. Thank You.

    Any other ideas/suggestions?

    I'm enjoying the innovative ideas, and learning a lot. I
  4. mhetterm

    mhetterm Network Guru Member

    Never done it with a RV-series router (or any other Linksys for that matter), but I would guess that QuickVPN wouldn't work, but more full-featured clients probably still would, and if you enable PPTP (via the hidden page at pptp.htm on your router), you might be able to get the WinXP built-in client to work.

    Also, I've only ever done it with a Linux box on the server side, using OpenSSH (www.openssh.com).

    There is a project to get open ssh on windows:


    Don't know how stable/feature complete it is, though.
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