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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Meme444, Mar 5, 2009.

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    I have WAG200G ADSL Home Gateway.

    I want to block some websites to be accessed by all the Pc's and Iphons who access the internet through my router.

    I created my own policy and I enabled it,
    and I choose the following


    I put Google.com as example But after I press save settings I still have the access to google like I did nothing :confused:

    but I didn't enter any thing in Edit List of PC's Button because I don't know how many PC's or Iphones are conected to my router and what are their IP's. I want to make it general.

    If any body can assist me on doing this restriction I will be thankfull :confused:

  2. puasho

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    In the IP Range of the edit list of PC's, put rule valid for any valid IP of the net. So, assuming you have the factory default IP (already) assigned to the router, in the list 01 IP range you'd type (192.268.1.)2 to (192.168.1.)255. So, every valid IP the router could assign and/or accept is under the rule.
  3. gilysse

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    I specially registered to help you.

    Now before doing that, you have to make sure you have a static ip address, you should go to network connections under control panel, then wireless (i asumme, or whatever), right click then properties.

    Scroll down and go to internet protocol (TCP/IP), properties.

    Click use the following IP address and go to the "Status" on your router setup page which you posted as the image above to find the info for IP, subnet, gateway and DNS.

    Then after you do that, you go to the "wireless" tab under the "status" page just now and click on the "Wireless Clients Connected" (you can only see that when the other comps are connected) to get the ip addresses of the computers connected to you.

    Now you go back to edit list of pcs, you just enter the IP Range of the PCs or just enter the ip addresses.

    I use it to block another computer here.

    PS: Make sure your computer's IP address is not in the range. Like mine is .100, i enter it from .101 to .105.
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