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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Pete89, Jul 21, 2007.

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    After 5 years of steller service my SpeedSteam 5660 is going to retire becuase Telefonica (Spain) is upgrading my ADSL line to 2+. I already have used WRT54Gs quite a bit and so I though I would stick with LinSys on my new ADSL router.

    I have a static IP here because I need to get into firewalls around the globe and they require me to have a fixed IP.

    I have it all setup and all the lights are green. The line is syncronized but no traffic is getting out. Part of the setup askes for a WAN default gateway and doing what I did with the 5660 was to assign it the same address as the router itself. The fact is I dont know the WAN default gateway is nor have I ever needed to know it. I have setup many Cisco 800s for friends, businesses, all on Telefonica ADSLs with static IPS.

    So it must be something else right? I am still on the 5660 but they are going to switch me over any day now. Here are a few quick stats:

    VPI VCI Type Mux PCR IP Address Netmask DHCP
    8 32 R1483 LLC Max No

    Anyone got a WAG200G working with a static IP?


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