WAG200G and multi pvc?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Pedja, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Pedja

    Pedja Guest

    (If this is answered somewhere in the forums, I couldn't find it :), and I apologize).

    A friend of mine has this router, and he uses it for IPTV, and he is annoyed that it doesn't have
    Multi PVC, so he has to use two routers, one for ADSL and one for IPTV.
    So, intrigued, I d/l and played a little with sources for latest 1.01.09 firmware..
    In Rules.mak there is a line MULTI_PVC=0 (off).
    I changed it to 1, which should enable it, and compiled it.It buids fine, with a tiny tweak.

    Is Multi PVC dependent on hardware, or firmware or combination of both?
    I googled a bit, and found several posts on Linksys forums where users
    ask when will MPVC be available for WAG200G, with no answer from developers.
    What am I missing here?This is way too easy.
    My friend is a bit reluctant to try it, he has a theory that there is some hidden setting in vanilla
    firmware that would enable this, but I don't think so.
    If it was mine modem, I would try it in a heartbeat, but it is not :)
  2. kmo_3gecb

    kmo_3gecb Guest

    Hello all! Where are you, experts. I have the same problem with my routers (wag200g, wag54g2).
  3. looler

    looler Serious Server Member

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