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    I have a WAG200G at home and I am trying to connect to my WindowsXP PC behind this router using VPN from internet. In other words I want to connect to my home pc securely from work.

    I configured the home PC (WinXP) to accept VPN connections. On my work pc (WinVista) I configured a VPN connection. I tested the connection using private IPs when both connected to WAG200G. It worked fine. HomePC and workPC had ip's from same subnet ( Target IP for VPN connection was the IP of homePC.

    When I changed the target ip to use the Internet IP of WAG200G (the real IP from ISP), VPN connection stucks at "Verifing username and password" screen and timeouts.

    I configured port forwarding for PPTP ports 1723 and GRE port 47 before this test. I then tried DMZ configuration but could never able to connect. Passthrough settings are all enabled and if I disable them could not even get the verifing screen.

    I also tried different VPN software like OpenVPN and tincVPN. The only software I was able to connect is SSL-Explorer since it is web based and using port 443. But I want to use a permanent connection.

    Did anyone face this kind of problem and find a solution? Wag200G uses a linux kernel. Is there a firmware that has a VPN server embedded for this router?
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