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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by iordanissav, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. iordanissav

    iordanissav Guest

    On my WAG200G (1.01.09 official) I installed the Woytekm WAG200G_V1.01.06.wm-build-0.9-A.img file from the site. Opened SSH with PuTTy and run make_mtd5 command, but after the creation, there was an error which I didn't write down. Then I tried to re-execute make_mtd5, but I get :


    This command will ERASE your /dev/mtdblock/5 flash partition.
    This partition is normally used for the different language versions
    of the WWW management interface.

    Do you want to continue ? (y/n):
    Checking for mounted partitions ...
    Checking for old minix filesystem on /dev/mtdblock/5 ...
    ERROR: You already have a minix filesystem on /dev/mtdblock/5 !
    The filesystem will not be created. Goodbye.
    Probably the filesystem creation went ok, but something else happened.

    Anyway, as NOT being a Linux guy, I'd like some help in order to utilize the existing partition, or to recreate it somehow, because I still can't access "MySetup.cgi?other" page. I get "page not found" even when I simply click "MySetup" from the router's Web GUI. How can I make it again from the begining? Also when do I need to reboot in the whole procedure?

    Even when I reset the router and install the official 1.01.09 and back again and then the WAG200G_V1.01.06.wm-build-0.9-A.img firmware, the "badly" created filesystem is still in place.

    I must add that I still have Internet connection and I still can open SSH from PuTTy. I don't know what to do next. The /dev/mtdblock/5 and /mnt/mtd5 exist. Also have access to the router's Web GUI.

    (All this mess just to use Wake On Lan capability, which the original 1.01.09 doesn't support...
    Is it worth it?)

  2. nulland

    nulland Addicted to LI Member

    I believe you successfully created the minix filesystem. All you need to do is auto-mount it at bootup. Use the web interface to access the MySetup tab. Click on the tab and as you mentioned, you will get a "page not found". To resolve this issue, go the address bar of your browser and replace the "http" with "https" in the URL (i.e. https://MySetup.cgi....). Press enter and page will appear warning you of a certificate error. Click on the "proceed to..." and the web page of the MySetup will appear.

    Hope this helps. Am not an expert, but let me know if you need help on how to use the minix fs.
  3. Divakaran

    Divakaran Network Newbie Member

    Hi -

    Hi Friend - i need the wireless client mode to be activated in my wag200g adsl linksys router. I need the Woytekm WAG200G_V1.01.06.wm-build-0.9-A.img firmware. can you provide me the url from where I can download this file please. Or at least how i can enable the wireless client mode to connect this modem to another wif router. thanks in advance.
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