WAG200G issue with Telecom Italia

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by agatti, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. agatti

    agatti LI Guru Member

    Hello there, I just joined the forum. I've searched the forum and understood that this Wifi Router does have some issues as I suspected. Unfortunately I've not been very lucky with buying it apparently, but it's ok let's try and get it fixed.

    Let me explain what I'm experiencing.

    WAG200G used in wifi mode (no Ethernet ports used)
    Firmware is 1.01.05 official by linksys

    I have an ADSL2+ contract with Telecom Italia (I'm located in Italy), a 20Mb ADSL2+ link.

    Things that I am experiencing are the following:

    1. The router connects to the ADSL2+ carrier at a speed between 17Mb and 20Mb. This is OK with me.
    2. Very often, say 80% of the times, it was MUCH time to connect. Assume you power it on, it takes between 2 and 6 minutes.
    3. Almost daily, it loses connection, and it seems like it still has the ADSL carrier, but no IP assigned by the ISP anymore. Trying to reconnect takes the usual much much time as above.

    I have asked the ISP several times to check the config at their end, and they also checked the connection and the wires etc up to my socket in my home, but they said it's all OK.

    I wanted to check with you if any of you experiences something similar to this, whether they have fixed, and/or if the tweaked firmwares or the beta 1.01.06 is likely to fix the situation. I know that upgrading the fw may give me the reply I need, but given a bad experience I had in another occasion with playing with updates of fws, I wanted to check with the community to know if this is what I shall do in your opinion.

    Thank-you very much for your advices.


  2. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    2 to 6 minutes to connect when you have such a good connection is too slow!

    As Linksys have just posted the GPL sourcecode the final 1.01.06 should be published soon so don't bother with the beta!

    Also I'm sure woytekm will be also be looking at the source - there are tweaks you can try if you can get telnet access.

    As per my other post does include updated ATM/DSP Ti core DSL drivers, which will be worth a try. I am aware of Italian users on hwupgrade.it of the D-Link G604T (same AR7 chipset) that prefer the 7.02 version drivers.

    You must use a wired connection to upgrade though!
  3. agatti

    agatti LI Guru Member

    Hi mstombs, thank-you very much for your reply. Since I'm not such an expert with networking (I knew I should have become one...) I'm not up to the level of understading your advices well. For example: "As per my other post does include updated ATM/DSP Ti core DSL drivers, which will be worth a try" is a bit obscure to me.. Are you actually suggesting me to download a specific firmware you created or try some other SW to connect to it ? Again sorry, I must sound soooo dumb to the experts in this forum.

  4. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    Sorry - your English is much better than my Italian!

    This thread is about beta official firmware for the WAG200G


    Linksys have now posted the sourcecode which usually means it is now final - and they will release the firmware shortly via their website.

    I have another modem which uses the same ADSL chip and drivers so I looked in the sourcecode to see what version they had used. It is the same new version recently used for AG241. ADSL2+ is relatively new to widescale deployment - I guess they are learning and improving?

    I suggest you wait to see what they put in the release notes before updating.
  5. agatti

    agatti LI Guru Member

    Hey please do not apologize. I simply did not read your earlier posts, so I couldn't figure out what you were speaking about. Thank-you for your help actually, I'll see and try the newest firmware hoping it won't create any additional troubles and indeed fix mine.

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