WAG200G New Official Firmware 1.01.09

Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by Spyros, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. Spyros

    Spyros LI Guru Member

    Linksys, A division of Cisco Systems, Inc.

    Product: WAG200G Annex A

    Classification: Firmware Release History

    Release Date: 13 Mar, 2009

    Firmware Version: 1.01.09 (ETSI)

    Language: Multi-language

    Note: Not to be used with Annex B models (DE and E1)

    Revision history
    SW version:1.01.09
    Release Date: 06/13/2008
    Based on: 1.01.08(03)
    1.Same as 1.01.08(03) but version updated to 1.01.09.

    SW version:1.01.08(03)
    Release Date: 05/23/2008
    Based on: 1.01.08(02)
    1.Fix When WAN is PPPoA and ATM QoS is VBR, then no access to GUI after DSL link is up.
    2.Fix Make WAG200G receives 8 PADOs from network side, and check PPP connection comes up. It fails.
    3.Fix Run setup wizard to configure DUT cause DUT can't get DNS in Status.htm.


  2. quintilio

    quintilio LI Guru Member

    Very good version of firmware.
    I use it with my bad italian adsl connection.
    From 1600 kbps in download I go to 2400 kbps.
    It's a good gain of bandwidth for me.
    I suggest to anyone.
  3. quintilio

    quintilio LI Guru Member

    Someone know if is possible open telnet or ssh? with this firmware?
  4. amrepc

    amrepc Networkin' Nut Member

    thank you for that great firmwire
  5. Saji John

    Saji John New Member Member

    my gateway is WAG200G version: 1.01.04. any latest suitable version for this device firmware please mail me or send the link

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