WAG200G on Apple

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by NickToye, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. NickToye

    NickToye LI Guru Member


    Has anyone got any experience of running WAG2006 through an Apple iMac, I am online now with it but the airport indicator is very rarely on full bar.


  2. the_j

    the_j LI Guru Member

    Works well for me, just turn off WPA of the security at all (WEP is a joke).
    Running with an AirPort Extreme iBook G4 and has 100% everywhere in the house.
  3. NickToye

    NickToye LI Guru Member

    So you use no security at all?
  4. magsi

    magsi Network Guru Member

    No problem at all.
    I have a 6 mbit/s ADSL-link and use 802.11 b/g mixed WLAN. First i used WPA, which worked on the Mac Powerbooks, but due to an older PC-Notebook i had to switch back to WEP.
    All notebooks are within a range of 10m on the same floor. Perormance is ok too.
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