WAG200G wireless problem

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by albatetra, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. albatetra

    albatetra Guest

    Hi everybody!

    I brought a brand new WAG200G.
    The wireless doesn't function properly. The connection start to slow down and after 1 minute laptop disconnects from WAG200G.
    I made a ping test and the response time is very variable (from 25ms to 2000ms). Using wired connection everything is fine.

    I tryied to upgrade firmware with any version available (also a beta version provided me from linksys 1.01.07).


    THANK YOU !!!
  2. oiseau

    oiseau Network Guru Member

    I don't use Wifi but I did not know a beta version was released . I only knew the 1.01.04. Could you please whim me or indicate the information about the issues that have been corrected
  3. sam_linksysinfo

    sam_linksysinfo LI Guru Member

    Just on the beta version... wonder when/where that was available from?

    I've been having problems myself with the WAG200g and was originally told there was a beta (later than the currently available full release, v1.01.04) but then Technical support started to insist there wasn't a beta available :frown:

    Be interesting to see if there is a new beta, what it fixes from version 1.01.04
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