WAG300N / QoS Configuration Problem

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by scaat, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. scaat

    scaat LI Guru Member

    Hi everyone. I had a brand new WAG300N ADSL 2+ Wireless Router and I had already installed it to the network. Actually, reason I have choose this one is having both QoS and VPN tunneling features. For VPN; I will implement it a few months later, but QoS feature is needed right now.

    Everything was OK in the first configuration; but when it came to configure the QoS for VOIP adapter (Linksys PAP2-NA) there was a problem. When I activate the QoS, even without configuring any VOIP adapters and allocating any bandwidth for dedicated applications, my internet speed is really crawling. Normally I have a 512/128 dsl connection, but when I open QoS, even with allocating 5 kbps bandwith, it's getting even slower (nearly half of) than a regular dial-up connection. The web control panel of the modem is also crawling. (It is taking approximately 30-40 seconds to open up the configuration panel of Router.) But when I disable the QoS, both internet connection and configuration panel getting back to normal.

    Does anyone has any idea what would be the reason to this? And what would be the solution?

    My Network configuration is as follows:
    Router / Gateway: Linksys WAG300N
    Switch: Surecom 16 port desktop switch w/autosense
    VOIP Adapter: Linksys PAP2-NA
    7 computers in network with various OS'.

    P.S.: I can understand to have a slower net access in this case, but why is the control panel also getting slower?
  2. scaat

    scaat LI Guru Member

    Oh, and also, I have upgraded the firmware version from 1.01.00 to 1.01.01 in order to solve it, but it didn't helped.
  3. libraly

    libraly LI Guru Member

    From where you get the update ?
  4. scaat

    scaat LI Guru Member

  5. scaat

    scaat LI Guru Member

    Does anyone has any idea?
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